Uber talented singer Naomi is set to continue the upward trajectory of her already impressive career by releasing her new EP “Take Back the Power” on 22nd April 2016. A full video will be released in support of the new release on Naomi’s VEVO channel. But in the meantime a teaser video is available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube. The EP will feature five tracks, three mixes of the ultra-catchy “Take Back The Power” plus “My Mistake” and “Didn’t Make the Grade”.

Naomi’s career has been moving in the right direction and the 19-year-old now finds herself working alongside some established and renowned talent. The EP features the writing and production talents of John McLaughlin (Busted, 911, Westlife), Dave Thomas Jr (Echo & The Bunnymen) and Jud Mahoney (Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Chris Brown).

The full video will be available soon but in the meantime this will whet your appetite.