Nature Loves Courage has today released their new single titled ‘Dismantle’. A solid mix of groove and grit mixing both rock and dance in a way that is as seamless as it is effortless. Almost in a way that defines a signature sound.

Married to the honestly angelic vocals of McKenna Rowe, you get a song that the indie music community is alive and well as much as it is expanding. Solid in every way.

About Nature Loves Courage

A band of many facets with an effortless ability to blend various genres, Nature Loves Courage have been turning heads around the music scene for some time. Driven by an obsession with loops and beats, melodic pianist and lead vocalist McKenna Rowe set out to create her own set of lush beats inspired by industrial trip hop acts such as Massive Attack. With this in mind, Nature Loves Courage adopted bassist Jacob Bergman, drummer Garrett Smith, and guitarist Joe De Sa to further polish their electronic-forward production.

Now all based in LA, the four piece aims to bridge together the sonic worlds of experimental music and mainstream pop. On Nature Loves Courage, airy string orchestration keeps heady dub-inspired beats in check, and themes of nature and pagan magic balance out arena-ready rock chants. Out later this fall, their second EP continues to flex their lush, danceable electronic-rock sound with themes exploring the complexity of human relationships.