1. Sea and Sky Nazzy the Mic 3:23

Nazzy the Mic is a 17 year-old female rapper and artist hailing from Philadelphia. Quickly finding a love for rap music and everything it involves, Nazzy wanted to focus primarily on her flow and delivery. She is heavily influenced by Young M.A, Lil Tjay and NBA Youngboy, and these pioneers have affected the way Nazzy approaches her songs and writing.

The young troubadour has already released two albums amongst a plethora of singles, which is more than what most accomplished artists achieve in a lifetime. This just shows Nazzy’s relentless and undeniable passion for her craft, always improving and wanting to further collaborate with other artists as she continues her climb.

Nazzy the Mic focuses on real life events that have occurred to her, instilling that notion of authenticity and relatability as an artist. Living in an inner city she has witnessed violence, trauma and sexuality and as a young, female artist, wants to get that message across through her music.

She now returns with a fresh new single ‘Sea and Sky’. A collaborative project, she teamed up with label mate Mizxy Slime in a song all about love and yearning. The two have already worked together in the past, and really showcase their chemistry in this melodic hip-hop track. Mizxy starts the track off and has a real presence in his rapping and also has a real soulful hook when he sings, with the stylish production sitting underneath.

All the while, Nazzy is harmonising and layering around Mizxy’s vocal throughout, before she enters. Nazzy possesses a real pop rap flow that is hook-ridden and full of impressive rhythms that keeps you on your toes, seamlessly switching between rapping and singing.

Nazzy is an artist with capabilities way beyond her years, and it’s showcased once again here in ‘Sea and Sky’. A modernised approach to hip-hop, the melody is the centre point in Nazzy the Mic’s releases, and it makes for a hugely captivating listen that you will have to repeat again and again.

What makes it so unique is how Nazzy’s style is in the vein of her male counterparts, which seems to be more and more of a rarity in the rapping world. She has worked tirelessly to get to this point, and ‘Sea and Sky’ is yet another instalment of Nazzy the Mic’s journey to success.

Philadelphia artist Mizxy Slime has a Trapsoul vibe to his music. He mixes R&B vocals with Rap effortlessly to create a sound that is both solidly Trap but undeniably soulful as well. Only rapping a little over 2 years he takes inspiration from artists such as Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Jay-Z among others. He prefers melodic sounds with hard hitting lyrics and works to make his music authentically Philly based. Currently he’s working on new music that infuses more of his Japanese heritage as well.

SOURCE: Official Bio