Founded in 1986 by Fabio Vinciguerra, guitarist and author, Criminal Party was one of the first Italian garage punk bands with a female vocalist.

After afew local concerts they were championed by Italian radio as one of the most interesting emerging groups of the period, however they split up in 1988.

Some songs from this period can be found as bonus tracks on the 1st CD released in 1999 with new members. This CD was well reviewed by most of the popular italian magazines, but then they split up again in 2001 disintegrating after a large Italian tour organized by TIM.

Reformed with new members, they released a digital EP “Votate me” with socio-political themes in 2013. This EP was more pop oriented than the previous CD, with a garage sound and less politicised lyrics.

The new album “La revolution bourgeoise”, features two new vocalists, and goes back to a more punkish sound reminiscent of the late 70’s Californian sound. The themes, once again are focused on politics and the current crisis of the bourgeois middle class due to the power of the world establishment.

Lisjac: vocals
Vicky Jam: vocals
Fabio Vinci Guerra: guitar
Francesco Amato: keyboards, backing vocals
Mimmo Garofalo: bass
Eduardo Palladino: drums