Nilka has today released her new EP titled ‘Sacred’. Written from personal experiences and sung from the heart of an artist who wears that heart on her sleeve, Nilka embraces her life with a set of songs that read like diary entries and feel like soundtracks to a life lived.

Each song has that ‘hold you tight’ feel while it surrounds you with well crafted music that highlights and expands on Nilka’s powerful vocal style.

About ‘Sacred’

Rising bedroom pop artist, Nilka, is releasing her first self-produced EP Sacred, featuring seven spiritually charged songs inspired by her personal experiences with her faith. A collection of soulful prayer songs, Sacred showcases how Nilka’s faith has played a pivotal role in navigating through overcoming hardships. The EP serves as a reflection of her personal growth and resilience, with each track encapsulating the transformative journey that has shaped her into the artist she is today. Drawing inspiration from the Psalms, Nilka carefully crafted each song on the EP, using them as a personal reminder that she is never alone.

“My goal is to create a safe space for others to heal through their connection to the words and be reminded of God’s love,” says Nilka, hoping that Sacred will provide listeners the same comfort it provided her. The final song “Sanctuary” offers solace to listeners, reminding them of the importance of finding a safe space for healing and growth. Through her smooth and expressive vocals, Nilka offers her audience comfort in the face of adversity. The EP’s introspective lyrics and memorable melodies create a serene atmosphere, providing a sense of peace to those who listen.

Sacred features dreamy and soulful pop sounds, with lo-fi elements that curate an immersive and intimate ambiance. Through heartfelt lyrics, Nilka delves into important themes such as mental health, spirituality, self-growth, and family relationships, providing a relatable and engaging listening experience for her audience. The result of Nilka’s artistic vision is an authentic and reflective expedition that takes listeners on a captivating sonic and lyrical journey of life’s challenges and achievements.

As a Latin-American artist, Nilka is proud to showcase her Puerto Rican heritage through bilingual lyrics that add a multicultural perspective to her EP. Her thought-provoking lyrics explore the complexities of identity and culture, making her music accessible to a wide range of listeners. Additionally, each song will be accompanied by an official lyric video, further immersing listeners in the meaning behind Nilka’s earnest lyrics.

About Nilka

Florida-native artist, Nilka, is transcending the soul-pop genre with her fluid vocals and dreamy bedroom production. Nilka fell in love with creating songs as a young girl fusing her thoughts to a string of notes with lyrics originating back to the early age of nine years old. Five years later she taught herself how to play guitar, cementing her melody-lyric combinations and her pensive songs became like entries in a journal. Songwriting was a way for Nilka to confront experiences in her life and music became her outlet. Throughout grade school, she participated in different bands and choirs where she became fascinated with the impression symphonic music could leave on an audience and she has been inspired by a broad spectrum of genres from Motown to Folk music.

In 2014 Nilka graduated from Polk State College with an Associate of Arts degree emphasized in music where she studied Classical Voice. During the summer of 2014, Nilka relocated to Nashville, Tennessee to finish her Bachelor of Music degree at Belmont University in Commercial Voice and Songwriting.

Nilka has been releasing music since 2017 and during that time has gained song placements on HULU’s series “Light as a Feather” as well as the series “Love Island Australia”. Her songs have been released by EDM labels such as NoCopyrightSounds and Magic Records and now in the next 12 months, she is set to release her first self-produced album project consisting of seven songs that reflect on her spirituality and deepest relationships. Nilka’s lyrics undeniably share a message of how powerful and sacrificial true love is and her music captivates listeners with a soul-moving experience revealing a unique and authentic perspective of the human experience.