Nisa has released her double single titled ‘Currents’ and ‘Vertigo’ via Tender Loving Empire Records. Stylistically, the songs are night and day when compared to each other. But, like bookends, the compliment each other in regards to representing the diversity of a rising artist.

I honestly can’t pick a favorite. ‘Currents’ is a more subdued song while ‘Vertigo’ is a bit brighter. Each could stand on their own as a single. But, together, and this is brilliant, they show that said diversity between the notes and original feeling in that atmosphere each song makes on its own. Beautiful.

About Nisa

Nisa is the solo project of Nisa Lumaj, born and raised in NYC by Albanian immigrants. Citing Imogen Heap, Porridge Radio and Nilüfer Yanya as influences, she is thrilled to release the dynamic “Currents” / “Vertigo” double single and announce signing with beloved Portland record label Tender Loving Empire Records. A-side “Currents” harnesses Nisa’s off-kilter electro-pop chops, a track about the power of human connection as an energy source. While B-side “Vertigo” showcases Nisa’s experimental punk prowess.

An account of healing trauma through embodiment and a reminder of the need for stability, it builds from hushed beats into a fuzzed-out guitar bedroom pop anthem.

Featured image by Rhianna Hajduch.