1. Indigo NXCRE 4:10

NYC-based multigenreist NXCRE’ releases his latest Rock single ‘Indigo’, the first instalment taken from his upcoming album ‘Fean is War’. Known for pushing boundaries both musically and stylistically NXCRE is back with his hard-hitting single ‘Indigo’.

‘Indigo’ champions pushing doubt out of your life from internal and external factors, proclaiming that once doubt is pushed aside real growth and action can take place in anyone’s life. NXCRE explains further “It’s a song that’s meant to make you get up and start moving instead of thinking, acting instead of dreaming”. Backed by a dynamic range of sounds underpinned by heavily distorted riffs and solid drum lines that drives the track forward as NXCRE’s empowered vocal performance comes to the forefront. The ending of the track crescendoes to roaring guitar solos and explosive hard rock riffs resulting in a track that’s both hard hitting and insightful in nature.

‘Indigo’ acts as the linchpin for NXCRE’s upcoming album ‘Fean is War’ giving listeners an insight into the overall themes and sounds of the album which is centred around personal growth and the concept that life can sometimes be war and that everyone at some point has to fight for the life they wish to live in order to achieve what they wish to achieve.

Having released music since 2018 ‘Indigo’ comes off the back of NXCRE’s 2022 album ‘Twisted’ which garnered over 2 million streams across streaming services, now back with his latest single and upcoming album ‘Fean is War’ NXCRE looks to build upon this momentum as he brings his own unique style of Rock to his ever-growing fanbase.

SOURCE: Official Bio