Obscure Son originally began as a solo outlet for Elliott Malvas of You’re Jovian to upload demos and other various recordings that didn’t quite fit the You’re Jovian mold onto his Soundcloud under the alternative moniker ‘The Compound’- a name given by Andy Bernick describing Elliott’s house. It wasn’t until 2017 Elliott decided to start playing out live solo as ‘Obscure Son’, supporting friends bands and hoping on local bills last second, trying out new material and techniques.

It wasn’t until after a B52’s tribute act in October 2021 Elliott decided to recruit key members to help develop and play the material that accumulated over the past year on the compounds soundcloud live for the first time as a group. Now the band consists of Taylor Hunt, Aaron Lochman, Kyle Craig and Will Huberdeau. The soundcloud is still most active and the band plays regularly in the Virginia area/ northeast region. They play bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, private events and political galas. The band is for hire and in general will do whatever you ask of them. In addition to Obscure Son and You’re Jovian, Elliott plays in Boston based chimp rock pioneers, Swirlies since 2013. Obscure sons music is best enjoyed loud, on head phones and with a jumbo margarita on the rocks, no salt.

SOURCE: Official Bio