Oh Hiroshima have today released their new single titled ‘Deluge’ from their much-anticipated fifth full-length album, All Things Shining, due for release on June 28th via Berlin’s Pelagic Records.

Beautifully dark and left of center guitars permeate throughout the song, giving it a slight dystopian feel added to the already lush/dark/pure indie fusion of originality through the seemingly twisted minds of musical geniuses. Take from that what you will, but this is a killer track. A slight shoegaze-ish feel embedded in grit-filled rock with a darkly twisted cello for that creative dastardly panache, Oh Hiroshima take what they’ve learned and make it their own with a track that will live on beyond us all.

About Oh Hiroshima

Now pared down to a brotherly core, All Things Shining sees Oh Hiroshima expand further into new sonic territory as they champion the power of wonder and awe in an age of faded youth and jaded disenchantment.

Founded over fifteen years ago as a DIY recording project by brothers Jakob and Oskar Hemström, Oh Hiroshima has outgrown their Swedish hometown of Kristinehamn to become a highly regarded studio and live project within the international post-rock scene. With four diverse full-length albums to their name encompassing elements of shoegaze, electronica, post-punk, and danceable indie-rock, Oh Hiroshima’s All Things Shining represents a significant evolution in the band’s songwriting and soundcrafting, captured in its essence by the band’s friend, collaborator and co-producer, Magnus Linberg (Cult Of Luna).

Showcasing their newfound dynamic deftness, new single “Deluge” sees Oh Hiroshima juxtaposing organic, orchestral influences with strict minimalism and icy, electronic abrasion. Inspired by Nobel Prize-winning author Pär Lagerkvist, the renowned band set out to explore the delicate balance between good and evil with “Deluge” poised and ready to cross the thin line between action and inertia, as the band ask difficult questions about innocence, experience, and the ambivalence that comes with age.

Comments Oh Hiroshima’s Jakob Hemström “‘Deluge’ is a particularly explorative track for us that pairs the delicate with the distorted and takes inspiration sonically and lyrically from the short story Äventyret by the acclaimed Swedish author, Pär Lagerkvist.”

Simultaneously personal and universal, All Things Shining is a sonic exploration of the duplicitous nature of ageing; the double-edged sword of amassing life-affirming experiences that inevitably dim our perception of the world around us. However, as the album’s title suggests, Oh Hiroshima are adamant that all is not lost; with songs inspired by timeless works of literature pivotal for Jakob and his brother Oskar throughout their lives, All Things Shining is a reminder that, against all odds, the world will always find a way to reclaim its spark and mystique.

Featured image by Ellen Hemström and Oskar Nilsson.