For Torrey Mercer, New Year’s resolutions should be about changing lives in a positive way. Most New Year’s resolutions are broken in the first month of the New Year. According to Time Magazine the top five are most broken resolutions are:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Quit Smoking
  3. Learn Something New
  4. Eat Healthier
  5. Get Out of Debt/Save Money

So what if we all chose to make resolutions that literally change lives? That is exactly what Pop/R&B artist Torrey Mercer is doing. Her resolve includes her 2015 100 Thousand Kids Campaign. This life changing resolution brings a powerful message of anti-bullying and self esteem across the country through her music and interactive curriculum. To kick off her campaign, Torrey will be releasing her first single of the new year on January 6, 2015, Be Your Own Hero.

Be Your Own Hero is more than just a song to this budding Pop/R&B artist. It is about her life and sharing what she has leaned through tough times. Her poignant message in this deeply emotional and honest song is about getting to a place where one can embrace every part of who they are, what they have been through, and understanding that when we heal the dark places we truly shine. This is what Be Your Own Hero embodies from beginning to end.

“I wrote this song playing with this idea of light and dark. We all have flaws, and have made mistakes in our past, and have been beating ourselves up over those mistakes. But life is about learning from our mistakes, and allowing them to change us for the better. Learning to be your own hero in life, I think, is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.”

Torrey will be sharing her message, music, and 100 Thousand Kids Campaign resolution throughout the year across the country. For more information and social media links, visit

About Torrey Mercer
Torrey Mercer is a multi-award winning talented Pop/R&B Singer, Motivational Speaker, and founder of The Pledge Anti-Bullying Tour who resides in San Diego.

Torrey added two awards to her resume in 2014 when she took home Best Teen Artist and Inspirational Artist of the Year at the 3rd Annual Artists In Music Awards held at Jon Lovitz Theatre in Hollywood, CA. Torrey has received multi-nominations from the Indie Channel Music Awards and Los Angeles Music Awards, received many accolades including winning, Best Inspirational Singer in 2009 at Universal CityWalk in Hollywood as part of the “Hollywood’s Best New Talent” competition., and won first place at the National Key Club Talent Competition, Del Mar TV Idol, Search for Talent, and more. Torrey has also made appearances in leading roles in over 30 musical theatre productions.

In 2011 Torrey was invited onto a National Anti-bullying tour, on both the East and the West Coast, where she performed at Boys and Girls Clubs, Summer Camps, and even Six Flags to talk to kids about ending bullying. Since the tour, Torrey has connected with schools across the state of California to talk to assemblies of children about the importance of self-esteem and anti-bullying. Torrey will continue to grow her anti-bullying and self-esteem message through her music and interactive curriculum with the launch of her PLEDGE Tour and 100 Thousand Kids Campaign.

Torrey is a firm believer that bullying causes of a variety of issues, such as depression, self-harming, suicide, eating disorders, low self-esteem, and even abuse. Torrey reaches out to kids of all ages in hopes that one day she could change some of their lives, and help them on their road to recovery and self-love.