One Far Sun are a UK-based all-female trio with a particular fondness for raw guitars, big cinematic strings and lush vocal harmonies.

They’ve made a stunning comeback with a new band name after a decade-long hiatus.

Their revival began in late 2023 with inside – a song that beautifully captures one far sun’s signature style. It weaves emotive, introspective lyrics about travel and growth (penned by lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, Amy) with a sonic tapestry of raw guitars, cinematic strings (sisters Fiona and Rachel on cello and violin respectively) electronic beats and ethereal three part harmonies. The single’s Indie Disco club remix was featured on BBC Introducing in January 2024.

People In The Middle drops on 9 February and is the latest single from the trio, bringing together the best of their sound. This protest song lyrically critiques our global social, political and cultural apathy. It serves up big vocals and harmonies, layers of heart string violins with a distinct solo melancholy cello, raw guitars + electronic sub bass and embellishments.

A dance remix of People In The Middle is due 23 February, and another 4 singles are waiting in the wings for 2024.

One Far Sun’s last live tour was in 2012, playing independent venues in their home country of Australia, before different countries, careers and motherhood beckoned. A recent trip, fuelled by old recordings, red wine and late night chats about the joy and power in being creative inspired the trio to start up again.

SOURCE: Official Bio