Orange Animal has today released their new album titled ‘Still Frames’. Harking back to those bands that ruled the roost and closed the bar s every night, Orange Animal leaves you in that state where you wonder if you can safely drive home before you realize you are home.

‘Still Frames’ isn’t just an homage to those bands that work their asses off to achieve success, this is the moment they found said success with that track by track variation going from rock to roll to heart to soul with little ease and all feeling.

About Orange Animal

Forming in 2017, rock band Orange Animal, out of Cleveland, OH., has made an indelible mark in the music industry with their strong guitar leads, cinematic builds and incisive lyrics. They have a new album, Still Frames, with the focus track, “Clear” dropping February 16, 2024.

Orange Animal is

John Ramsey (guitar/vocals)
Bill Derivan (bass guitar)
Chris Shaheen (guitar)
Adam Thurman (drums/percussion)

Orange Animal’s new album, Still Frames, is a collection of songs that define a pause in life, “like a layover in an airport,” says Ramsey.

“Definitely in motion, while standing still for a moment,” says Ramsey, “the songs are all moments or feelings from my life. Some, like “Clear” carry a longing and fated sadness. “Hammer in My Hands” is a reflection of a seemingly successful life but where the strength that led to that success ultimately destroyed it. “Other Side of the Ocean” is a drifting love affair, slow and sweet. “Piano Song” is simply a song about tucking my kids into bed. Or “Riptide” which is about being suddenly ripped away from all that you love.”

Ramsey says, ‘“Clear” is the story of a dreamed conversation with someone deeply loved, but forever lost. If they just came back for one conversation, what would you say? What would you learn? Could you let go all over again?”

Orange Animal is kicking off a series of shows at the Beachland Tavern in Cleveland, Ohio on February 16, 2024. They will be releasing their Spring, Summer and Fall 2024 travel/show schedule soon, which includes stops in Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York City.