Owen Kennedy has today released his new single titled ‘Can’t Tell’ from his upcoming album dropping in early 2024. As if plucked from the golden age of art rock with the caveat that everything old is new and everything after that is newer, Owen delves into the depths of audio depravity and captures a set of sonic serenities as to seamlessly blend them all as if making an Avant Gard puzzle for the cool kids.

Beautiful layered instrumentation surround an all encompassing vocal through slight genre hopping with a feel good vibe and suave end result.

About ‘Can’t Tell’

The first single release ahead of an album release in early 2024, ‘Can’t Tell’ is a breakneck and theatrical Alt Jazz/Indie track. Recorded at a number of locations including Abbey Road Studios, the track lives within the cutting sound of the current London underground, whilst keeping a timeless sentiment. It cuts between an over-the-top bombastic driving riff and a much subtler, intimate jazz sound with a classic guitar solo before a terrifying finish. You can hear inspirations from artists such as The Strokes, Janis Joplin and David Bowie.

The song was written in 2022 and has been a favorite at Owen’s live gigs. There is also a music video recorded and ready for release at the start of next year, also directed by Owen.

About Owen Kennedy

Owen Kennedy is an emerging art-rock/jazz artist from London whose music has a curious cabaret sound, with inspirations ranging from Janis Joplin, Rufus Wainwright and David Bowie. Alongside classical musical influences and lyrical nods to introspection and connection, Kennedy fuses witty jazz with an indie rock sensibility.