Paradise Walk is the brainchild of South Wales duo Christian Ferriday and Lee Fifield. Formed in 2015, the pair have been making waves in the alternative pop scene, with a unique blend of captivating vocals, soaring guitars, enriched synthesisers, and melodic keys, all backed by a driving rhythm section – Paradise Walk delivers a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh.

Drawing influences from various decades and styles, Paradise Walk weaves their own stories and experiences into their music, creating a tapestry of sound that resonates deeply with listeners. The band first gained notoriety within the New Retro scene with the release of singles “Summer Heat” and “Neon Rain” in 2015. Their energised debut EP, “Rogue,” followed in 2017, further solidified their momentum and established them as a rising force as they continued to create, and are now on the verge of a fresh new batch of music in 2023.

“TALK TALK TALK,” is Paradise Walk’s new offering, and the song explores the contrast between external perceptions and internal dialogue, highlighting the importance of open conversation about mental health. With a core message centred on encouraging listeners to take the first step in reaching out and discussing their struggles, Paradise Walk aims to address the overwhelming challenges of depression and anxiety through their music.

Sonically, it holds that infectious alt-pop rhythm, with driving drums and dreamlike vocals, reminiscent of The 1975. The synth underbelly and melodically flowing lyricism gives that sense of euphoria, blending nuances of 80s synth pop and modern day alternative indie music.

The inspiration for “Talk Talk Talk” came to Christian while he was in his attic, strumming an acoustic guitar. The song’s theme is both deeply personal and relatable, touching upon the significance of open communication in dealing with mental health issues. Christian brought the song to Lee, and together they honed it to perfection in the studio. The creative process for “Talk Talk Talk” was remarkably swift, a testament to the genuine connection and artistic synergy shared by the duo.

Paradise Walk’s unique blend of alternative pop, coupled with their commitment to addressing important societal issues, sets them apart as a band to watch.

SOURCE: Official Bio