Pearl Diver has released their new EP titled ‘Look For The Light’. With bits of folk, jamband, prog rock, and even a smidgeon of soul, Pearl Diver give an introverted album pondering life and all that’s in it with the reverence of true musicians and vivid poets. Matt Sage’s vocals flawlessly adjust and swerve to whatever the band places just underneath it. Is is a concept more than an EP.

About Pearl Diver

Pearl Diver are a three piece band from Oxford, UK, comprising Matt Sage (vox/guitar), Josh Rigal (Bass), and Joel Bassuk (drums). Formed by Matt Sage in 2019, the frontman and founder of the legendary Catweazle Club in Oxford has lived and breathed music all his life. Initially in a band with members of Faithless (before they were they), Matt has remained a relentlessly prolific solo artist and songwriter ever since.

With his music appearing across BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 over the years, he has performed all over the world including major festivals including Glastonbury, WOMAD, Secret Garden Party, Bestival and supported the likes of Robert Plant, Tinariwen and Diana Krall.

Creating music under the moniker of Art Theefe in 2018, the debut album ‘Dig Deep’ was completed with the assistance of kindred spirits Josh Rigal and Joel Bassuk. With a collective vision for a new project of a deeper complexity and grander ambition, the trio initiated Pearl Diver and have been performing and creating under the guise ever since.