Pet Shop Boys have today returned with their new album titled ‘Nonetheless’ via Parlaphone Records. What can be said about Pet Shop Boys while doing their music a proper justice. They have honed a signature sound that is recognizable yet rarely copied without sounding like a parody when attempted by others. And while this is a duo, there is a solid and vast orchestration about their music that one can easily get lost and immersed in.

‘Nonetheless’ also shows that you can make an album filled with what could be considered solid singles while each one of those singles tells an intricate story amid lush sounds and emotional melodies.

About Pet Shop Boys & ‘Nonetheless’

UK electronic pop icons Pet Shop Boys return with a brand-new studio album Nonetheless, pressed exclusively to zoetrope picture disc, limited to 4,000 copies and hand-numbered to order.

Produced by James Ford, the music on Nonetheless is both uplifting and reflective, mixing electronics, live instruments, and orchestral arrangements. The songs are very melodic and quintessentially Pet Shop Boys with a fresh, open sound, bringing together classic strands of PSB song-writing and moving them in new directions

Having sold in excess of 50 million records, Pet Shop Boys are easily the most successful UK duo of all time. BRIT awards and Grammy nominations have been numerous, including in 2009 when Pet Shop Boys won the BRIT for outstanding contribution to music; in 2000 Pet Shop Boys’ song-writing was rewarded with the Ivor Novello award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music – with over 70 hit singles spanning five decades, song-writing remains resolutely at the core of Pet Shop Boys’ continuing relevance and success.