1. Mon Général Pierre De Frebourg 3:25

Beautiful sunny day in Paris. I had a mission for my friend Hugues, forced to reduced mobility. It was a question of transporting him to the place of his appointment for a consultation in a clinic on the 16th arrondissement from Avenue Gambetta… No choice but to do it by car. An incredible and stressful obstacle course like millions of Ile-de-France residents do every day in an ugly and dirty Paris with an incomprehensible traffic plan… An obstacle course between erratic concrete blocks, tasteful plastic “yellow dicks”, “respectful users of the highway code” on scooters and bicycles that spring up in all directions, the forced “zig-zags” between bus lanes… Wacky idea: I imagined Charles de Gaulle in his presidential DS being driven by his chauffeur through this orchestrated “bazaar of the town hall”. Getting out of the car he would surely have exclaimed: “Paris outraged, Paris broken, Paris martyred”… Back in my home studio, it inspired me, “Mon Général” as an echo of the now famous hashtag “#SaccageParis”.

Pierre is from Lorraine, born in Metz in 1965, where he learned the piano from a young age. Fast forward to 14 years old and he formed a Rock group with school friends.

Later still, he moved to Paris, where he would play piano in a Jazz bar in the early 90s, playing renditions of Gainsbourg numbers.

From then until just recently Pierre took over 30 years out of the music industry. A lover of film music, Pierre has boundless admiration for Lalo Schifrin, François de Roubaix and Michel Legrand. “A song is a short three-minute film, images suggested to the imagination loaded with emotions. Music is the vector of emotions. It must carry the text and stick to it to perfection, as Gainsbourg knew how to do so well…”. Bashung Dutronc father and son but also “M”, Fire! Chatterton, L’Impératrice and Ben Mazué influence him, 2022 is the year of a new start: “I’m not calculating anything, I’m going for it, we’ll see!”.

SOURCE: Official Bio