Pigeon Club has today released his new video for the track titled ‘Liar’ from his upcoming album ‘Another Year In The Minors’. Social commentary within the spectrum somewhere between the id and the ego. Pigeon Club (a.k.a. Wayne Whittaker) takes his signature sound for a life lesson we all need to experience. A combination of post mortem and paternity for those of us that have maybe just realized the part of us who use a lie as a shield and a boost to get us ahead or keep us in that comfort zone in life, love and surface happiness.

Take from that what you will, but Pigeon Club sends this message with the perfect music encompassing every word, sending that message with a relatable love and a soft warning.

About Pigeon Club

Pigeon Club is the music of Wayne Whittaker, a multi-instrumentalist musician/ songwriter living in Los Angeles. Outside of his own project, Whittaker has worked with artists such as Dawes, Diane Coffee, Haerts, and countless others.

Pigeon Club’s upcoming second album, Another Year In The Minors, is another collaboration with Grammy winning co-producers John Would and Amy Wood (Fiona Apple, Warren Zevon). Together, along with a stellar group of friends/ backing musicians, they unwittingly managed to document a major transitional period in the life of the songwriter.

Sonically, Pigeon Club has built its nest neatly between genres. There are the ubiquitous indie singer-songwriter overtones, jangly Beatle power-pop moments galore, and self-aware nods to “dad rock.”

As a songwriter, Wayne explores themes of self-reflection, doubt, anxiety, and the minutiae of everyday life with an inviting mixture of emotional transparency and self-effacing humor.

Pigeon Club’s latest single, ‘Liar,’ is a lush indie rock vehicle that examines the aftermath of a defense mechanism malfunction, with both humor and heart.

“This was a really hard song to write,” Whittaker recalls, “structurally, it came together very quickly. But once I read it back, it became clear that this was going to be a particularly exposing three minutes. Thankfully, the touched upon themes are unmistakably human, so at the very least I’ve confirmed that I am indeed only human.”

Survival skill for those unfit
To handle what we’re dealing with Seek a softer landing
The damage notwithstanding

Lyrically, parts of the song read like a relational autopsy report.

We’ve reached the point where you’ll admit You don’t know who you’re living with
You could see right through me If I let you closer to me

But I’m a liar

The accompanying music video for ‘Liar’ sees a traveling entertainer and his puppet sidekick struggle to engage with an audience using card tricks, sleight of hand, and some honest-to-goodness magic. It’s clear that however successful the illusion, this game of deception is taking its toll. But the show, of course, must go on.