PiPEllA has today released her new single titled ‘Castles (Scene 3)’. A sweet and subtly emotional continuation of her story, ‘Castles’ is a beautifully crafted and angelically vocalized performance caught on record.

This is the very definition of a song that is meant to be absorbed on a personal level. It’s intimate, almost on a spiritual level. Written to mean something different and unique to each person who listens to it. A new entry to a soundtrack to a life.

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About PiPEllA

PiPEllA, born Abigail Wynans, is an ASPEC Cinematic Rock Storyteller currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. The trilingual (English, Spanish, Korean) singer began making music at a young age and released her first song “Emotional” while getting her Masters in Global Entertainment at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain, and her second “Life As A Movie” in November 2022.

She used her love of fantasy soundtracks, cinematic pop and arena rock, specifically combining the influences of artists like One OK Rock, Morgan Clae and Hans Zimmer, to create the sound she has today. PiPEllA uses her own connections to the LGBTQIA+ community and her experiences with mental health to inspire her lyrical content.

Currently, the artist is working on her first major creative release since 2021, PiPEllA: The Worlds Traveler. Following the tropes and world-building styles of her favorite literature, movies and TV, PiPEllA spent the last year building this immersive project for her fans to enjoy.