Planet CeCe’s ‘little jerk’ is a pulsating, euro-infused dance-pop anthem that channels the electrifying energy of Berlin’s trance/techno scene. With its addictive rhythm, bouncy synths, and auto-tuned yet emotive vocals, CeCe delivers a performance that’s both energetic and fierce.

But ‘little jerk’ is more than just a dance track; it’s a narrative, a story spun from a random movie quote from Home Alone, transformed into a hook and a tale of confronting a friend’s unfaithful lover. Co-produced by her boyfriend Liam Bokser, the song reveals CeCe’s playful yet confrontational side, standing up for her friend against the titular jerk.

It’s a vibrant blend of anger and sadness, catchy hooks and meaningful storytelling. Planet CeCe crafts a dance anthem that transcends the beat, weaving the rhythm of Berlin’s nightlife with the heartbeat of friendship, loyalty, and the unbreakable bond that resonates even in the face of betrayal.

SOURCE: Official Bio