Plasmic has today released her new single titled ‘Ghosted You’. With an already original and gorgeous style about her, Plasmic proves that she is more than just a look. Or sound, for that matter. Plasmic is a brand. A world all her own orbiting its own star.

And, with that being said, we have ‘Ghosted You’. A song long in the making and even longer in the inspiration. This is that part of all of us that we never talk about but either comes in handy or finds us with our jaw dropped. Whatever you feel and whoever you are, we’ve all ben on the sending and receiving on this. And Plasmic knows this.

Musically, the song is future retro with that summer of 87′ vibe and futuristic delivery. Just soft enough to ingest yet hard enough to take notice, ‘Ghost You’ is a part of us we’re getting back.

About Plasmic

Pink from head to toe Plasmic storms the stage, shooting terse keytar melodies whilst furiously smashing beats. Crooning, pleading and screaming songs against depression and abuse. Sealing it all in a hazy, lo-fi blur that every so often gives glimpses of a gentler side underneath the mayhem.

Producing songs since the age of 15, Plasmic believes those who present femme shouldn’t need 20 songwriters just to be heard. Her new single “Ghosted You” is an unrequited queer love song highlighting the sides of being ghosted and ghosting someone. This synth pop track takes inspiration from Kate Bush and Phil Collins while still maintaining a modern pop vibe.