The alternative rock artist known as Polar Echo has released his definitive new LP, “One.” The album is composed of ten original tracks, plus an acoustic version of “Fire in Your Eyes” and a bonus track, “Touch the Sky,” for an approximate total listening time of 50 minutes. It has been released on the Timlin Records independent music label. Smooth and groovy, both pleasantly casual and deeply striking, “One” is an album with something for listeners of every genre all over the world.

Polar Echo (born Mikhail Mikhailov) cites as main artistic influences such legendary musicians as Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, Muse, Snow Patrol, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, and Bob Dylan. Of these, Polar Echo’s “One” LP has most in common with Coldplay and Snow Patrol, sharing the emotional intensity of both, as well as the inclusion of widely varied tones and tempos. Showcasing Polar Echo’s naturally impeccable vocals and tastefully subtle singing style, “One” also brings some of the best songwriting on or off the airwaves.

Speaking of the sound of his record, Polar Echo writes, “My music was written in many moods at different times and under various musical influences. It is rock, sometimes with implementation of electronic, sometimes folk- or country-sounding with a tinge of post-Britpop (thanks to Coldplay).”

Many of the songs on “One” have Polar Echo’s personal thoughts for major themes.

“A lot of the songs talk about love and passion, like most of today’s artists,” he writes. “However some of what I write is about me seeking power to keep going, disregarding discouragement from people around me to keep trying. Particularly the songs ‘Off Course’ and ‘Fire in Your Eyes.’ Hope it helps listeners too. ‘Home’ talks about the concept of ‘home’ that disappears in one’s head over time, if one moves around quite a bit like I did myself.”

Polar Echo recorded and produced “One” as a solo project, playing all the instruments himself: guitars, bass, drums, piano, and harmonica. He is involved with the Corvallis Guitar Collective (CGC) band in Oregon, and is currently collaborating with local musicians such as Ta Rungrojanaluck, Nathan Mayers, and Cornelius Wona.

Belarus-born singer-songwriter Mikhail began his musical journey on piano, attending music school at the age of six. He won first place in a jazz competition at Minsk, Belarus at 11. He earned his International Baccalaureate in music by 19, and moved to Oregon to complete his first album by the age of 22. He is currently a student of Oregon State University.

“One” by Polar Echo is available online worldwide. Get in early.