Pollyanna Blue have today released their new EP titled ‘Trials and Tribulations’. Rebellion and rock collide with spectacular infusion from a pair of musicians that infuse influence with sheer creativity and originality.

My only complaint is that this is an EP and not a full album. I listened to this twice straight through, as the artist intended, and was left wanting for more. The hooks are spectacular. The music is mesmerizing. I honestly cannot find a favorite song because, well, they flow seamlessly from one to the next. Almost like a concept.

Take a listen. Leave no distractions. Let yourself become engulfed in this sonic universe.

About Pollyanna Blue

Formed in the summer of 2019, Pollyanna Blue is led by Zoe Collins (guitar and vocals) and Rich Earle (Bass and vocals). Although based in different cities, the pandemic forced the band to really utilise the digital age, writing tracks back and forth online before travelling to Bristol to complete them in person.

Their name was inspired by a self help book ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway’, which talks about a nickname ‘Pollyanna’, typically given to a person who is deemed overly optimistic. That ethos, blended with the waves of difficult emotions life throws at you, creates a concept of musical juxtaposition within a 90s/00s alt rock atmosphere which sees the duo wield their self discovery, vulnerability and love of music to create something authentic and raw to connect with anyone experiencing some type of hardship.

Following up on the April release of their latest celebrated single Stray, comes their debut studio EP Trials & Tribulations, recorded with Ash Scott (Memorist, Harper, Aniimalia). The title of the EP was inspired by personal and abstract experiences, from the trials of being in a band that started right before a pandemic, to the personal tribulations of battling with your own mental health.

Allowing herself to use music to channel unresolved trauma and recurring issues, each song gets up close and personal with Zoe’s journey of internal development and emotional maturity. She hopes that someone, even just one person, can relate to her music and be able to be taken on the same journey of self discovery from it.

Prior to the release of the EP comes its latest single ‘Strong Enough’ on June 16th 2023, a powerful anthem that is there to lift you up and fight back when you are feeling down and out. It’s a reminder that despite how you feel, deep down, you are good enough and strong enough to overcome all that gets in your way.

The song dynamically takes you through all of the real and uncomfortable emotions you could experience in this situation. Starting from the frustration of feeling stuck and hopeless, to the pivotal self reflection and desperation of wanting to feel strong enough to overcome a mental decline. The song ends with screaming fearlessly in the face of personal adversity, releasing all of the built up emotions and banishing any doubts of self worth.