poster by Noritsugu Lockhart
poster by Noritsugu Lockhart

In good tradition with psych fests everywhere, the Portland Psych Movement is presenting the Second Annual Portland Psych Fest, for those who remember last year’s Fest, those who were there and can’t remember anything, and also those who will be embarking on this special trip for the first time.

Sponsored by Sizzle Pie and XRAY.FM, this year’s lineup features bands from Chicago, Mexico, and Idaho to San Francisco and L.A., fearlessly riding the path blazed in the sixties and representing the most nascent and newly-borne sounds conjured Stateside. AudioGlobe will be there filming the whole festival. The poster art is by Noritsugu Lockhart, who will be on hand selling screen prints.

The fun kicks off on Friday, July 29th and runs till late on Saturday, July 30th. All performances will take place at the Star Theater in Portland. Tickets for the July 29-30 events can be found at The Psych Fest AfterParty will happen on August 1 at Valentine’s, featuring Hollow Sidewalks and a Super Secret Psych Fest artist (to be announced the final day).


  • 7:30pm Howler (Los Angeles)
  • 8:30pm Zozma (Portland)
  • 9:30pm Plastic crimewave Syndicate (Chicago)
  • 10:30pm Hi Hazel (Idaho)
  • 11:30pm The Young Elders (San Francisco)
  • 12:30am Jackson Boone (Portland)


  • 1:30pm San dbabes (Los Angeles)
  • 2:15pm Down Dirty Shake (San Francisco)
  • 3pm Mosquito (Los Angeles)
  • 4pm Lemat (Mexico)
  • 5pm Zodiac Death Valley (San Francisco)
  • 6pm Hawkeye (Portland)
  • 7pm The Spiral Electric (San Francisco)
  • 8pm Cambrian Explosion (Portland)
  • 10pm LSD &The Search for God (San Francisco)
  • 11pm The Asteroid #4 (San Francisco)
  • 12:30 Spindrift (Los Angeles)


  • DJ Day 1: Paul Dillon
  • DJs Day 2: Malty Stag & Stonebunny

* Portland’s own Bacchus’ Boogiers dance troupe, dancing non-stop to each of the bands performing…
* Lightshows by Trey Schultz
* A vintage clothes pop-up shop
* On the patio, the divinatory avenues of local Tarot artist Holly Cole of Crystal Seed Tarot, who will be issuing readings throughout the weekend on a donation basis.

$20 each day/$35 weekend pass. No weekend pass available on days of event

Day 1:
Day 2: