Southern belle Christie George does not need an audition at “The Voice” to find out if she’s got one… that fact has already been solidified. Many music experts thinks she might just be the poster child for Miranda Lambert’s quest for a female artist she has vowed to support on behalf of woman in country music.

George’s deep, soulful voice has taken her out of her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia where she developed and mastered church choir soul and brought her to where true talent meets commercialism: the West Coast. In California, a leggy, blonde Christie had no trouble scoring acting gigs with the likes of Morgan Freeman and Justin Timberlake. Christie’s first love and only motivation, though, has always been music.

Every acting gig was to buy studio time, even her time in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra where she went on a live tour for a year singing as the main talent, was only to get exposure for a record contract.

Being close so many times doesn’t take a grain away from Christie’s talent. Front and center right now with her new song, “Kiss My ATL Goodbye”, Christie’s sultry voice and resonating lyrics pack the perfect punch for the next big hit. She combines the perfect fusion of country songwriting, pop flavor, and rock attitude.

Headline News caught up with this Las Vegas music artist and she said,

“…Especially with all this recent commotion about women being ‘tomatoes’ on country radio, I think it is important for women of any age to have a strong voice. I wrote about how I felt at the time, and I wanted women to feel empowered when they sang along. I feel this is a powerful girl anthem that’s basically saying ‘I won’t take crap from anyone!'”

Christie George’s talent and vocal swag supersede most commercial talent today – it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the country knows about it. Her high standard of integrity and her all sexy backyard swagger, draws attention in everything she does and woman female musician haters should, “eat those tomatoes.”