Having already achieved success Stateside, President Street’s first UK musical offering of 2018 is relatable, unique and powerful

President Street, the Australian pop fusion collective, have just released their new single ‘Yeah I Know’, and its stunning vocals and artful lyricism are set to make it a real hit.

‘Yeah I Know’ is a single that moves away from the typical pop song structure and instead documents the stages of betrayal in three different acts. The first act of ‘suspicion’ grabs your attention with its hypnotic guitars and wonderfully fluid vocals, then moving into ‘acceptance’ the second is comprised of heartfelt lyrics and a smooth bass line, and the third act showcases pure anger, an emotion heard both instrumentally and lyrically.

The track is a real triumph and takes the listener on a journey through betrayal, a journey that is an all too familiar feeling for many of us. This track highlights just how versatile President Street are as a band, no act sounds the same, and yet they manage to create a string between the sections to ensure that the song works as one cohesive project, an extremely impressive thing to do.

Pete, the man responsible for bringing this group of musicians together, said that “I’m always striving to make an emotional connection with people when they listen…I want the songs to reach in and grab you and bring you along for the journey”. ‘Yeah I Know’ so clearly achieves this aim, it is a single that can be felt as much as it can be heard.

Pete’s natural musical instincts and abilities shine through as he plays guitar, keys, and percussion as well as writing the songs and creating the beats. This is no mean feat, especially considering he has had no prior musical education. He truly is unique.

Speaking of how he came to be a musician, Pete said: “After stumbling (literally) into percussion and gigging around for a bit I realized that my real passion was actually in the creation of music. I had never had a musical lesson in my life and, to this day, I still don’t have any theory and can’t read music. I just went out and got garage band and started feeling out how to create, compose and layer different instruments and create songs.”

‘Yeah I Know’ is the first track on President Streets’s first EP ‘Involuntary Actions’ (as titled because for Pete, making music is just this, an involuntary action) that was picked up by over 100 radio stations in the states with solid rotation and even hitting some charts. The traction that this release garnered is even more impressive considering that it had no marketing support as Pete “really wanted to see if the music would speak for itself”.

Following from President Street’s success in the states, the EP is now set to be released to the UK on the 6th of April, and it will not disappoint.

The EP is comprised of ‘Yeah I Know’ and four additional tracks. ‘I Gotta Move On’ is a track that focuses on the realization that you are in a dead-end situation and documents the moment when you know that something has to change. ‘Forward Stride’, and ‘Looking For A Sign’ are upbeat and high energy tracks that, as well as sounding great, make the listener think. The EP is closed by ‘IGK’, an extremely raw track that perfectly captures the insecurity of new love. The EP features an incredible range of musical styles and highlights just how talented this collective is.

President Street are now ready to go stratospheric with the UK release of their new single ‘Yeah I Know’ on the 6th of April, and the subsequent release of their EP ‘Involuntary Actions’ on the 6th of April. With their original and dynamic sound, and highly unique track list, there is no way that this group of musicians will be anything but a success.