R E L has today released her new video for the track titled ‘Intuition’. Having already earned over 20 million streams in her career thus far, R E L is one of those artists that has already proven herself within her career. She has found her sound long ago and knows how to evolve it with the next single and the next and so on.

With an evocative ‘intuition’, if you will, for the music that lives inside her, R E L has that rare ability to convey emotion and bring into motion within your ears and into your heart. Think of a stylistic type of music filled with all of the feels you have inside becoming more and more relatable with each successive not all captured into hooks you can’t forget.

About R E L

R E L is the artist project of LA-based singer-songwriter, Arielle Sitrick. She makes music of a genre she coined, “EVOCAPOP”, evocative pop music. R E L grew up in Chicago and then LA, with musical influences ranging from Queen, David Bowie, the Beatles and Beach Boys to Sara Bareilles, Sia, Florence and the Machine, Stromae, Caroline Polachek and Beyoncé. She released her self-titled debut EP in 2015, which she funded with a successful kickstarter campaign. Industry tastemakers and music lovers called the project dream pop, alt r&b and electro pop.

R E L ‘s music brings her enchanting ethereal vocals together with thoughtful emotive lyrics and both electronic and organic production elements. Since dropping her first project, R E L has released several singles, an album (EVOCAPOP Side A, the first piece of a three side visual album project), a collaborative EP with long-time collaborator, Jynjo, and in 2020 she co-wrote and performed a song called “Night City” for feature in the video game, “Cyberpunk 2077,” which was used for the game trailer and has become a fan favorite across the globe. “Night City” has amassed over 20 million streams across platforms.

R E L has played several shows in LA and NY since 2015, at venues and showcases including School Night, The Echo, Resident, Hotel Cafe, Moroccan Lounge, BMI Acoustic Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall and Peppermint Club. As an independent artist, she has amassed over 12 million Spotify streams and 6 million Youtube streams. She has been in the studio working on her second album, EVOCAPOP Side B, along with a couple other projects. The new music has a distinctive art pop feel while staying true to its “evocapop” label.

Her latest single “Intuition” delves into the profound journey of self-discovery and healing, emphasizing the importance of embracing vulnerability and authenticity. R E L’s poignant lyrics invite listeners to feel everything, acknowledging the strength that lies in sensitivity. The single encourages individuals to remove metaphorical masks and connect with their inner selves, finding hope and bearability in the process. In the accompanying music video, R E L takes on the persona of a pierrot, symbolizing the facade we often wear. As the video unfolds, she sheds her costume and mask, revealing a newfound freedom and inner strength. The visual narrative beautifully captures the essence of the song’s message – that by stripping away our protective layers, we can discover resilience and power within ourselves.