Rugged and poignant; thought provoking and visceral, hailing from Upstate New York, Conscious Rapper Clear Mind is a pragmatic storyteller, focused on revealing the truth of life through his gritty descriptions and elastic word flow. “The Clear State of Mind Mixtape” is this young artist’s latest creation and across it’s 3 unreleased tracks and 2 freestyles, this captivating young mind explores many unique stories, emotions and sides to life. This uplifting and positive elevation of Hip Hop culture, though draped in the aesthetics of the modern era, is very much indebted to earlier artists who championed messages of hope through poetry, rhymes and raps. In this way, Clear Mind stands as a provocative and innovative artist, dedicated to his craft and moving his culture forward by utilizing rap as a profound vehicle for creative expression.

“The Clear State of Mind Mixtape” is a complex and nuanced collection of tracks which explore many unique subjects and areas of life. Clear Mind is a passionate and multidimimensional artist who is committed to crafting thought provoking, fun urban music driven by lyricism, intellectual content and accessible analysis about modern life. Across the “The Clear State of Mind Mixtape” this young and talented artist announces his presence on the world stage as a thought leader and dynamic champion, someone who can inspire, raise awareness and captivate international audiences. Clear Mind has the lyrical prowess and insight to enrich his community, offering all of himself in every rhyme and through every emotive element of his narrative storytelling, this young MC is poised to be a messenger for this generation.

“The Clear State of Mind Mixtape” will appeal to anyone who enjoys ruggedly persuasive Hip Hop. This collection of tracks contain a vibrant self awareness which is sure to attract fans around the world. Inspired by legendary and contemporary artists such as: Rakim, KRS 1, DMX, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole, Clear Mind is ready to advance his culture and community forward. Music with purpose, delivered with passion, “The Clear State of Mind Mixtape” is music to bring people together.

Self-Released, “The Clear State of Mind Mixtape” is a point of entry for an artist destined to spread conscious, lyrical hip hop to all corners of the globe. An engaging and powerful live performer, Clear Mind will be continuing to develop his skills on the microphone on and off stage. Uncontent to be a passive observer in life, this bold and dynamic creator is primed and ready for greatness.

Be sure to check out “The Clear State of Mind Mixtape” and catch Clear Mind performing in 2016!