LA based Alternative Metal Band Raven Black has announced that they will be hitting the road for their Hex O’Clock Tour. Launching July 8th in Guadalajara, MX, the tour winds through the Midwest and up the East Coast before finishing up in Las Vegas, NV.

[table caption=”The Hex O’Clock Tour Dates” width=”100%” colwidth=”50|250|250|50″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
07/08,Voodoo Roadhouse Bar,Guadalajara, MX
07/14,Jack’s Patio Bar,San Antonio, TX
07/15,Dirty 30,Dallas, TX
07/16,Thunder Alley,Oklahoma City, OK
07/17,The Riot Room,Kansas City, MO
07/18,Phoenix Lounge,Sioux Falls, SD
07/19,Lookout Lounge,Omaha, NE
07/20,The Back Bar,Janesville, WI
07/21,Top Fuel Saloon,Chicago, IL
07/22,The Token Lounge,Detroit, MI
07/23,MUSIC LYNX (NEW),Mentor, OH
07/25,The Autograph Rehearsal Studio,Murfreesboro, TN
07/26,Hi Ton,Memphis, TN
07/27,Purgatory in The Masquerade,Atlanta, GA
07/28,The Haven,Orlando,FL
08/01,RiffHouse Pub,Chesapeake, VA
08/02,The Depot,Baltimore, MD
08/04,Blackthorn 51,New York City, NY
08/05,Pineapple Jack’s,Rochester, NY
08/06,Fete Music Lounge,Providence, RI
08/08,Opinion Brewery,Minneappolis, MN
08/10,Moon Room,Denver, CO
08/11,Club X,Salt Lake City, UT
08/12,Dive Bar,Las Vegas, NV

Raven Black – a viciously sweet metal medley of feminine and masculine power harnessed through a tiny half human | half doll surrounded by her misfits, tossed into a theatrical debauchery of creepy fun and that’s just the beginning.” There is a story here, but you have to take the journey to the 13th hour where these 4 live.

A cunning hybrid femme fatale with playful mischievy, backed up by her twisted gentlemen. Raven black cranks out innocent melody that quickly evolves into wicked cursed screams. You know, blistering and burning your skin with chills and dropping jaws at the powerful vocals coming out of such a tiny stature. Evoked by the ripping guitars and ambient tones of the doctor, low end bass of stiches and thumping double kicks from the demon, muppet, this unique dark carnival of metal taunts your hunger for a new sound.

Their debut EP Seven Sins was recorded in the Wilderness, with Grammy Nominated Producer Ulrich Wild of WurmGroup. The seven song release has garnered loads of buzz and fans demanding more. Taken to the road again after a debut tour with Mushroomhead in October 2016, they will be playing Rock Fest 2017 in Austin, TX March 15-18th and then landing internationally to their adoring fans at the Foco Festival in Mexico with CrazyTown April 2017. It’s been too long since their last visit at Hell & Heaven Festival last July 2016.

Featured image by Cruella Photography.