Red Valley Nursery have today released their new eponymous album via Pop Riot Music. While that initial listen will give you the impression that Red Valley Nursery is a straight up guitar band, that just shows that you need to expand your horizons (sorry). This is a band that puts originality at the forefront and shows you what, not only the guitar can do, but the musician.

Red Valley Nursery have a way about them. Call it panache. Call it style. I call it that certain something that identifies them with those first few notes you hear through the speakers. That tightness within the music while showing corrupted chaos around the edges, sonically speaking. Lyrically, themes within theory encased in grit and showered with love. Think of that what you will, but you will be hearing a lot more from Red Valley Nursery beyond the indie music scene.

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Most of the songs from the record stem from old tracks I had in my late teens. There was something about them I just couldn’t let go of. When the guys in RVN and I started playing together, these songs fell in line like they’ve always lived there with us. The album itself doesn’t necessarily have a theme, it’s all a bit unstable, chaotic, and raw. And I like that, there’s something about that uncertainty that I find super attractive. We had the pleasure of working with Drew Mazurek (Foo Fighters, LCD Soundsystem, Jawbox) on the record. He took those grooves and dirty tones and just locked them in. It’s surreal to see them finally take form after all these years and I’m elated to finally share them.

Steven Thomas

About Red Valley Nursery

Red Valley Nursery pulls the pin on a grenade and throws it right in your lap. You will quickly need to accept that your relationship with them is one of total controlled chaos. They are as unpredictable as they are charismatic, weaving thought-provoking lyrics with dirty riffs and grooves. The boys in RVN have a reputation of delivering an explosive experience of raw tones, psychedelic breaks, and witty banter… all done with a crooked smile.