Chicago’s very own Rediculus is excited to the release of his next project, In Response: Dee-Fi. The album will feature 15 tracks all produced by the beatsmith, who is getting reintroduced to the world of music after taking a year long hiatus. In Response showcases the creative endeavors of Rediculus’ growth as an artist and will be available for free download on February 23rd, via, while a deluxe edition version that will include instrumental passes of all the songs will be available through Bandcamp for $5.

While the project is primarily rooted in 90’s Boom bap aesthetics, the LP also features a handful of tracks that divulge from the traditional heavy drums and crisp snares of yesteryear. Alongside the soulful Jay Hollins, Rediculus take the listener into an R&B influenced state of mind with tracks like, “Stay” and “Again,” both of which have the ‘Memories Over Music’ artist taking full reign by producing and writing the song. This theme continues on the Jus Daze assisted “Reprocussions,” which brings the upcoming rapper and his head-nodding rhymes together with Redic’s inquisitive drum arrangement.

In addition to the aforementioned talent, Rediculus has also invited a slew of creative names to the project. From established names like Shabaam Sahdeeq (Eminem, Kool G Rap, Common, Busta Rhymes) and C-Rayz Walz (Immortal Technique, Aesop Rock, Sadat X, El-P) In Response also brings rappers like long time collaborators Rich Malone, J57 and Sene, and up and comers like Fresco, Aarophat, Comet, Token and El Gant to the forefront.

When asked what fueled his creative process and the name behind the project, Rediculus states: “This is my statement of defiance to dare anyone to challenge my position in this culture, and exactly where the title of this album comes from. After my Mama passed in 2013, I sat down and refocused what it was that I was pursuing musically, and what I wanted to leave for others to judge me by after I was gone. I had always embraced 90’s Boom bap, but I really wanted to put my own presentation of that forward, instead of sticking with the same formula each time. I started layering more original instrumentation over my samples and started writing more lyrics and getting way deeper into the creative process this time.”

With 15 tracks that exemplify his penchant for production and tenacity for telling his story, Rediculus’ latest effort is his most ambitious project to date.


01. Mad As Hell
02. Crown Royale (feat. Aarophat)
03. Cinema Verte (feat. Rich Malone)
04. Motivational Speaker
05. Kalashnikov’s & Kush (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, Famoso & Bekay)
06. Lady in the Lake
07. Stay (feat. Jay Hollins)
08. Repercussions (feat. Jus Daze)
09. Homage (feat. Token)
10. Dusk at Daylight (feat. Sene, J57 & Rich Malone)
11. Again (feat. Jay Hollins)
12. Internal Reflection
13. Lockjaw (feat. Coast, CoalCash, C-Rayz Walz)
14. Golden Nuggets (feat. Comet)
15. Dirty Fame (feat. Godilla)