REDSMITHVII have today released their video for the track titled ‘Chemical Oblivion’ from their upcoming EP dropping in March, 2024.

A dripping sweet sweat type of banger that skates the line between pop and rock with no effort, the track and video set forth a monster hook with a fervor and drive seen in artists that have been here a lot longer than them.

The song will definitely give you a double take, as much a double take as their name, but isn’t that what generates fans? Oh, that and they have their own signature sound as well.


London’s post-emo/pop-punkers REDSMITHVII unveil their second single, ‘Chemical Oblivion’, produced by Ian Sadler (ROAM, Misplaced) and mastered by Grant Berry (Stand Atlantic, Hot Milk).

The trio once again transform their personal struggles into colossal choruses with irresistible hooks and take you on a journey that’s not to be missed. Things aren’t always as they appear on the surface and they capture that with their blend of dark lyrics and catchy music.

Despite their recent formation, this up-and-coming band’s music exhibits great promise for what lies ahead. REDSMITHVII’s debut EP will be out March 2024.