Reevah has today released her new single titled ‘Without You’. Dark and deep pop overtones surround a message of discovering yourself through your own eyes and not through the eyes of others. Encapsulated by an infectious rhythm and highlighted by that subtly emotional and sweet voice of Reevah herself expressing more than her age conveys, ‘Without You’ is a soundtrack to a life lesson.

“‘Without You’ could be perceived as just a breakup song – But it’s a little deeper than that. It’s about questioning yourself, your thoughts and fears when entering a different segment of your life. Wanting to be better, reflecting on what has been and gone and focusing on your capabilities for the future and in turn realising your strengths and resistance. With this track I really wanted to write lyrics which were reflective of a stream of conscious thought, Including imagery and objects that people can relate to like a letter, a flower sitting on a window, a dooms day billboard. Everyday observations which can sometimes evoke questioning humanity and what it’s all about. A serious subject paired with an upbeat disco pop-tune is my specialty.”
– Reevah

About Reevah

Reevah, the moniker for Derry-based artist Aoife Boyle, known for her singer-songwriter roots and acclaimed alt-pop sound, is set to release her latest single “Without You” on March 10th, before her highly anticipated headline show in Whelans April 7th. The track marks a new chapter and sound for Reevah, showcasing her ability to write reflective and meaningful lyrics while delivering an upbeat disco pop-tune

Reevah’s music has earned her international acclaim, including airplay and streaming support in Ireland, the UK, the USA, and beyond. She has been praised for her ability to express the frailties, confusions, and vulnerabilities that come with everyday experience. Her music offers hope to listeners going through similar experiences while promoting themes of self-determination and the power of women.

“Without You” follows Reevah’s previous release, “Call Me Up,” which showcased a vibrant rush of alt-pop melody, 80’s flavored throwbacks, and indie-rock live feel. As Reevah continues to evolve her sound and songwriting, she remains a collaborative project with key input from her live drummer Brian Doherty and producer Matt Weir. Together, they experimented to push the Reevah sound onwards from her previous EP, 2021’s ‘Begin, Again’.

The upcoming single “Without You” is set to be released under Bloom Records, a new imprint from Dublin’s Faction Records. Reevah’s partnership with the label, led by the multifaceted A&R, artist manager, and BBC Introducing presenter Aine Cronin-McCartney, promises to bring her sound to an even broader audience.

With the release of “Without You,” Reevah is excited to showcase her new sound and explore what Reevah is all about. The single will be available on all major streaming platforms from March 10th, 2023.