REIN has today premiered her new track titled ‘There’s No Tomorrow’ from her upcoming album ‘God Is A Woman’ dropping November 30th.

Hyper post power pop punk with a filter of originality, REIN continues her reign with a declaration of dance that spills the blood on the dancefloor. Droning yet tribal, filling while being fulfilled, this is a track that stimulates the adrenaline with everything at the core of what it takes to make a dance song memorable: a consistent hook.

About ‘There’s No Tomorrow’

Following on from recent single ‘How’s It Gonna Be?’, ‘There’s No Tomorrow’ continues REIN’s musical evolution. Drawing on a myriad of influences from hyper-pop, IDM, post-punk and new wave, weaving an unrelenting, genre defying clash of complex soundscapes and introspective musings. REIN says: “It’s simply about dancing like there’s no tomorrow in a decadent blade runner night club from the future”.

REIN’s foray into our consciousness was with her acclaimed debut album ‘REINCARNATED’ in 2020. She now returns with her sophomore full length release ‘GOD IS A WOMAN’ on 30th November 2023. REIN evolves her musical trajectory delving into the realm of Avant pop coupled with edgy experimental underground dance floor undertones alongside long term collaborator, French DJ / producer Djedjotronic. Evoking dreamy, majestic otherworldly soundscapes, ‘GOD IS A WOMAN’ orbits in a universe of its own.

Inspired by Lennart Nilsson’s beautiful photographs from the photo book ‘A Child Is Born’. REIN recalls seeing these pictures as a child imagining the foetus swimming in space, thinking to herself, god has to be a woman. She explains: “I have always been fascinated by how powerful women are, that we can create life inside of our bodies. I am also fascinated by history and religion. Like why have we as women been so oppressed for such a long time and still is to this day, I still can’t understand why. We should be the leaders of this world”.

The whole album is a transformative ride of being, and draws inspiration from luminaries like Robyn, Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, Eurythmics, The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Christine and the Queens, Fever Ray and Kraftwerk. Like most of her work this piece is inspired and mirrored by the dystopian world we live in today and her life. Driven by playfulness with biblical metaphors. It is also a love letter to herself for being a lover that loves hard even if she risks her heart to be broken.

About REIN

REIN is the Stockholm based electro / avant-pop solo artist, producer, songwriter and record label owner of REIN RECORDINGS. Her music is influenced by fusing elements from the 80’s; industrial and electro mixed into a futuristic sound for the dance floor. Her music and her explosive live performances is often described as groundbreaking, energetic and raw. Since the release of her self-titled debut EP in 2016 she has been breaking boundaries and social norms.

After her second release the single ”I Don’t Get Anything But Shit From You” she got two P3 Gold (Swedens National Radio) nominations for ”Dance of the year” and ”New comer of the year” in 2017. Later the same year she dropped her second EP ”Freedoom” were she was touching subjects such as feminism, injustice and social issues. The release got praised by the biggest music journalists in Sweden.

In 2019 she started her own record label REIN RECORDINGS and the year after, released “REINCARNATED”, her critically acclaimed full-length debut album. The album got so praised that when the restrictions opened up she got invited to tour America two times in one year with a unique audiovisual show based upon “REINCARNATED”. She also got invited to play at the Roskilde Festival the same year. In 2021 and 2022 she released music at Boys Noize Records with Boys Noize and the French DJ and Producer Djejdjotronic. In 2023 she will release her second full length debut album on REIN RECORDINGS

‘God Is A Woman’ Track List

'God Is A Woman' cover.
‘God Is A Woman’ cover.
  1. How’s It Gonna Be?
  2. Mutual Satisfaction
  3. Kiss You Goodbye
  4. Snakes
  5. Refuse The Pressure
  6. God Is A Woman
  7. No Rules
  8. Power & Passion
  9. For You
  10. There’s No Tomorrow