Revenge Killed Mary Jane release first single since signing with Dali Van Gogh Music entitled “Your Ship’s Ashore” from their upcoming album “Scarecrow”.

Revenge Killed Mary Jane (RKMJ), hot off their recent signing with Dali Van Gogh Music (DVGM) have completed tracking of their debut album “Scarecrow” and have released their first single “Your Ship’s Ashore” as a pre-release. “To me [Your Ship’s Ashore] is one of our more radio friendly songs”, says drummer Sean O’Grady on the piece. “It has a light start and drops into a heavier chorus and with two guitar solos. You can’t go wrong. It’s one of my favorite tunes to play live.” The song is one of the bands more recent compositions on an album that spans the course of 14 years of writing for vocalist Jawn Macdonald. “Well it wasn’t really inspired by anything in particular, “ said Jawn when asked what his inspiration for the lyrics were, “but if I were to attach meaning to it, it would be about falling to the bottom and picking yourself back up to the top. About you beating the odds. Yeah that sounds right.”

Jawn’s cousin Liege Macdonald, bassist for the band, says the song came about very naturally: “[Your Ship’s Ashore] began with Jarred just playing the opening guitar riff. Sean and I started playing along, Jawn started singing random lyrics and it all evolved in to the song right then and there.” Producer and DVGM owner Isaac Kent is extremely pleased with the progress of the album, and the release of the single: “This is the song that made me want to sign the band,” said Kent. “When the band showcased for me they played this as one of their last songs because they weren’t sure it was album worthy. I nearly jumped out of my seat! After we recorded it, they finally got to hear what I was hearing and loved it.” Kent continued on the progress of the album as a whole: “This record has been a breeze to produce.

The band is super tight live, and all I wanted to do was capture that. They have a certain energy about their songs when they are just raw and out there with nothing between you and the music, and thats how we’ve approached recording and mixing the album. No click tracks, no major editing. We did almost the entire record in two takes off the floor. A couple overdubs here and there and BAM, we had an album.

The album itself is still in the mixing and mastering stage and will be released with a live show at Montes Showbar and Grill (245 Waverley Rd, Dartmouth, NS) on Friday, August 15th. The event also features Impact Eleven and Vicious as supporting acts, and begins at 10:00pm. Admission is $6.00.

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