Pro Music Creator has announced today that its revolutionary online solution for collaborative music making will go in open beta the 22nd of December. Additionally the company has announced an Indiegogo campaign that if successfully funded, will accelerate the project and will enhance the platform’s features.

Check out the introduction video below:

Traditionally music making in a group requires people to be together in the same space, but now, thanks to the power of Pro Music Creator it is possible to unlock creative collaboration on a global scale. How cool would it be if musicians can form a band with for instance a guitar player from Japan, a bass player from California and a singer from Italy, all at the same time and in the same session?

Create, play and share!
Pro Music Creator empowers music makers to create, play and share music. Musicians will have instant access to a vibrant community of music makers and a listening audience that is hungry for fresh content. Artists can display talent on a global level and collaborate with fellow musicians all around the world! One can check out the works of fellow artists and join their sessions ad-hoc. Musicians can save on recording costs by using Pro Music Creator’s proprietary technology. Pro Music Creator’s community will provide valuable feedback and evangelize the tracks they like best.

After opening a free account artists are only seconds away of unleashing their creative powers to the world. Instruments can be plugged in to start a session and friends can be invited to jam along or players can search Pro Music Creator to find the creative talent that will enrich a recording.

Chris Kroon, Founder and CEO at Pro Music Creator said: “I really like to team up with other musicians, but I couldn’t always find the right band members. This is why I founded Pro Music Creator. We have already invested a lot time and money but to complete this groundbreaking adventure we need support from artists and music fans worldwide!”

Indiegogo campaign
To add a couple of much wanted features and to accelerate the project, Pro Music Creator has turned to crowdfunding. Via Indiegogo the music platform aims to raise €75.000, but even if the crowdfunding campaign fails, the service will be built. Pro Music Creator has spent a lot of time in creating cool perks such as closed beta accounts, premium accounts, live jamming sessions and merchandise to lower the barrier to back this fantastic project. More information regarding the Indiegogo campaign can be found here:

Open Beta
Musicians and music lovers can already sign up to join the open beta which will go live the 22nd of december. The closed beta will be accessible for all Indiegogo backer that have backed €5,00 or more. The closed beta will start the 22nd of October and will for two months.

Pro Music Creator Key Features
+ Create live music sessions on the fly
+ Store your work on your personal profile page
+ Collaborate with other musicians
+ Create a band profile page
+ Engage with the community and form a fan base
+ Instantly upload your work to SoundCloud
+ Unlimited tracks in your session
+ High quality audio recording
+ Export everything free as WAF (HQ)