Rise Carmine have today released their take on the Smashing Pumpkin’s track ‘1979’. May I suggest you listen to the original first and then visit this. It’s not a cover. It’s a reimaging.

You hear a new song, in a lot of ways. That classic drone of the original is gone and you get a rework of the melody and a rebuild of the hook. Beautifully crafted by doing what I think most bands and artists should do with a classic track, should they choose to do so. Reinvent. Capture a new memory with a proven song. This is ingenius.

About Rise Carmine & ‘1979’

Rise Carmine created the track ‘1979’ along with a series of covers over the span of a couple weeks when he was stuck at home with COVID earlier this year. He made a game out of his situation, and tried to create new versions of these songs only using things that were in arm’s reach while he sat at his desk. Limitations like this forced him to get things done and were great for his creativity. It also gave the song a simultaneously intimate feel, while also bursting at the seams, desperate to break out. All the songs on the forthcoming full length album of covers, due for release in early 2023, exhibit a sense of longing and nostalgia in their lyrics, which points to the situations that they were recorded in.

Rise Carmine is swinging the doors wide open on the psych-rock scene in a new genreless world. With an unabashedly eclectic sound equally rooted in 70s hard rock and new-age psychedelia, the band (led by frontman and songwriter Liam Colbert) is keen on leaning into genres outside of the rock and alternative sphere. Their electric live show has earned them recent support slots from The Mysterines, We Are Scientists, and Kasador. They also made an appearance at NXNE 2022 and Unplugged North at the EI Mocambo.

Singles from their debut EP, ‘No Coup for Anyone’ (2021) recorded with Grammy Award Winning producer Dave Schiffman (Weezer, PUP) have been released to critical acclaim, including input and praise from the legendary producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Aerosmith). Intersect Magazine describes ‘Be the Only One’, “the expressively laid-back vocal performance and psychedelic effects that blend together flawlessly, drawing the listener with a hypnotic, dream-like pull”.

While Tinnitist praises the “psychedelic guitars that stab and swirl and slash their way through the mix.” The debut single ‘Down’ was described by Soundzine as a certifiable masterpiece. The tracks have been included on Exclaim Magazine’s all Canadian playlist ‘The Eh! List’ and Indie Pop Rocks. With their debut EP released this past May, and forthcoming album of covers coming in the new year with producer Dave Schiffman, Rise Carmine is expecting to make a splash in 2023.