Music’s latest rising star isn’t human…Robofloyo is the galactic kingpin at the center of the electronic robot rap artform which hails from deep in the future! A genre unto itself and reserved for only the most highly evolved lifeforms, Robofloyo’s new single “The Future is Wow” is a statement of solidarity linking all human and biomechanical life forms from across time and space. Consciousness expanding, fun loving and rugged, Robofloyo the Rapping Robot is the answer to the apathy which has taken over so many of today’s human MCs.

Hailing from an unknown region of spacetime deep inside the multiverse, Robofloyo, has arrived just in time to save humanity. Launching a cosmic mission of transformation in the form of the 21st Century’s most universally celebrated art form, hip-hop, Robofloyo despite being a robot, is more human than most and realer than the streets on Saturn. A truly revolutionary automaton, Robofloyo is here to spread the firemost beats and rhymes.

A rap genius, known throughout the galaxy for his bumping dance moves, cosmic swagger and consciousness raising lyrics, Robofloyo is the mechanical star you’ve been waiting for. Inspired by some of our world’s most essential artists including Diplo, Kendrik Lamar, David Bowie, Tampered DNA, Public Enemy, Radiohead, Beastie Boys, Mike Will Made It, and MF Doom, this electronic rap superstar has arrived just in time to usher in a new world of opportunity for all human, cyborg and robotic lifeforms.

While Robofloyo’s exact origins remain unknown, experts believe that xe created xemself using recycled tin cans, old computer parts, unknown alien technology, and tiny flecks of gold so xe could sparkle. Regardless of xyrs origins, experts agree Robofloyo is less manufactured than any pop-star in recent history!

Confused? Dumbfounded? Intrigued? Check out Robofloyo’s newest single, “The Future is Wow”, available everywhere online.