ROREY has today released her new single titled ‘Standby’ from her upcoming sophomore EP, ‘Dysphoria’, set to be released on May 17th.

With a slightly syncopathic way about the music and an angelic layered vocal set, ROREY gives meaning to the mind of music itself via combination of epiphany and enlightenment. Featuring almost no clear chorus and the verses set forth light thoughts, ROREY makes her message glow for those going through the same situation with the same vulnerabilities with the mind of an artist and the passion of a poet.


New York native singer-songwriter ROREY (24) grew up bi-coastal between Manhattan and LA. She started playing guitar at age six and taught herself piano at age 14. In 2019, she left college and moved back to LA to pursue music, releasing her first single, “Predictable” in 2021. ROREY prides herself on her unique rhyme schemes and brutally honest, vulnerable lyrics paired with unforgettable hooks.

ROREY draws lyrical inspiration from anything and everything. She will even pull lyrics from text conversations. “My songwriting has been my greatest confidant and my creative process my only reprieve from the precarious nature of life,” she confides. Although ROREY is the only musician in her family, her house was never quiet. Her early musical influences attributed to her parents were Santana, Pink Floyd, and Jethro Tull.

In 2021 ROREY was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It was during this time she wrote six of the eight songs featured on her upcoming sophomore EP, Dysphoria, set to be released on May 17th. Co-produced by longtime friend and collaborator, Scott Effman, the collection of music emulates her cognitive dissonance navigating her mental health journey through haunting melodies, ethereal vocals and swirls of hypnotic instrumentals. Leading single “Stand By” is a raw and candid account of her first step in recovery. “I wrote this song during a manic episode in 2021. It was my ultimate epiphany in understanding that my healing process wasn’t going to happen instantaneously, I couldn’t just “stand by” waiting for it to happen. I had to take action and commit to getting better, no one was going to do that for me. I had two choices to accept the help offered to me or continue lamenting that everybody was living life and I was stuck getting nowhere,” she confides.

ROREY organically caught the ear of Apple Music’s Zane Lowe show. and has since landed coveted spots on Spotify and Apple Music playlists, such as Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Indie, New Music Daily, New in Pop and a myriad of Japanese editorial playlists. She has further gained notoriety in prominent publications like Office Magazine, Ladygunn, Notion, and more following the release of her debut EP, Apt 7d (Anna Shoemaker, Ryn Weaver, and Blonder). She most recently played Baby’s Alright in Brooklyn, opening for singer songwriter Mitte Hope. She is performing her first headline show at the Knitting Factory (Baker Falls) in Manhattan’s East Village on April 25th.

ROREY is here to unnerve you and push you to confront the depths of your psyche. She shares, “I think I say out loud what some people are afraid to say. It keeps me going to know my songs help people get in touch with their emotions.” Whether you want to cry in your bed, or dance alone in your room – ROREY has a song for you.