Sadye has today released her new single titled ‘Biblical’. Having just signed with vnclm_ x Atlantic Records, we get a reason why with this first listen. Featuring a monster hook and a feeling of extravagance with a unique style and blend of alt-pop and experimental while maintaining that ever important accessibility, Sadye shows us that good music is not dead and can cross genres with ease when done right.

About Sadye

Sadye transcends the limits of experimental and mainstream alt-pop, challenging listeners and breathing new life into the genre with otherworldly mystique and uncompromising vision. From humble beginnings as a small town singer/songwriter, Sadye writes with depth and heart, often taking on unexpectedly dark and heavy themes.

Inspired by her intense struggle with cancer, discovering self-worth, and dealing with toxic relationships, her lyrics are steeped in a sarcastic form of catharsis as she learns to love her literal, and figurative, scars; a theme beautifully juxtaposed by catchy, modern melodies and edgy pop production, appealing to fans of Kim Petras and Charlie XCX to Nine Inch Nails and The Weeknd.

Sadye’s debut single, “Biblical,” represents a rebirth of sorts, building on what came before, but charging forward without looking back – beautiful and catchy, yet dark and familiar, Sadye invites listeners to join her ethereal cult and indulge their deepest inhibitions.