Sages Comme Des Sauvages has today premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Répare ou Pas’ via Capitane Records and Rising Bird Music.

As a preview from their upcoming album dropping later this year, ‘Répare ou Pas’ is a glorious sneak peek at that suave mix of global charm and indie heart colliding into something that transcends borders, language, and culture.

Filled with a never-stopping beat and unforgettable guitar, ‘Répare ou Pas’ shows that Sages Comme Des Sauvages is ready to be placed in your favorite playlist for all time.

About Sages Comme Des Sauvages

Drawing on a myriad of influences from folk, world music, post punk, French chanson and electronics, their world is a kaleidoscopic palette of otherworldly colors and fantastical elements. ‘Répare ou Pas’ is the first single from the upcoming album due later this year. They say: “This is an anthem in the form of a question. Do we repair it or not? Faced with a world full of manufacturing vices and defects, we wonder if it is still worth mending everything. Isn’t our society similar to an old printer with planned obsolescence that refuses to print in colour? Have the gears just seized up or has the machine been sabotaged? What do we save in a world where everything is for sale or to be discarded? Do we fight or do we tinker? Somewhere between systematics and DIY approach, we dare to question.”

The single is accompanied by visually stunning music video, drawing inspiration from demolition derbies and specialists in this issue, stock car enthusiasts. The result is a magnificent video directed by Nicolas Adalbert, a cinematic marvel full of stunts and adventures in technicolor. The band add: “There, these fans revive cars that no one wants anymore to give them one last lap, one final roll before their definitive journey to the scrapyard. And the dust raised by these battered sheets and by those who give them a last rescue becomes like a magical and haunting ritual, animated by the beauty of this question: Do we repair it or not?”

‘Maison Maquis’ is the third album by Sages Comme Des Sauvages, a Franco-AmericanGreek-Corsican-Brussels duo composed of Ava Carrère and Ismaël Colombani.These stage enthusiasts have toured France and Europe far and wide, winning over a loyal and convinced audience. Ava is a multilingual self-taught musician and visual artist from the cosmopolitan world of Berlin cabaret, while Ismaël is a classically trained violinist and poly-instrumentalist from the noisy and experimental music scene, composing for the stage.

Co-produced by Dakou, the great master of Afro-Cuban electro rhythm and prominent member of Tschegue and The YD. With the participation of Sofiane Saidi, the ‘prince of Rai 2.0,’ from the San Salvador Occitan folk collective, and the brilliant MPL. On tour in Zimbabwe, Sages Comme Des Sauvages meet Stimy Stimela and Blessing Chimanga, and after singing live with them, they couldn’t resist including them in the album. The album, mixed by Florent Livet and mastered by Chab, marks a new stage in the group’s career. The artistic audacity of the duo hits the mark, and now they add an ambitious artistic and sound direction.

‘Maison Maquis’ is undoubtedly a record that will pass the test of time, a dangerous masterpiece that hits exactly where it hurts and yet makes you feel good.