Saint Social has today released their new single titled ‘Swagger’. This is exactly the dose of audio adrenaline that I needed today. Put that hard mix of fuck you, fuck off, and fuck yeah into that mortar and pestle bowl, crush, and ingest. You now have ‘Swagger’. That not so subtle anthem for those getting back on that horse we call life.

Southern suave and global guts meet in the middle and literally cave your ears in just enough to see the light at the end of that tunnel. Uplifting beyond words.

About ‘Swagger’

“Swagger” features vibrant and head-bopping melodies that call listeners to scream out the inspiring lyrics in an act of defiance against the coldness of the world. “‘Swagger’ is the confidence to own who you are!” Drummer Bryan Bourque explains, “We want to remind people that they’re one-of-a-kind and no one can do you better than you…my hope is that this song is an anthem that’s sung with a smile.” This song is the tale of an underdog finally getting their turn. The stuck-in-your-head-rock-riff-a-la guitarist Justin Gollott combined with Bourque’s pounding kit, lead singer Quinn Erwin’s trademark lyrics, and wail make “Swagger” an easy contender for turning heads just like the character in the song can’t help but embody.

“I feel like ‘Swagger’ is just a different person at the same party as ‘Holiday Forever’ (another forthcoming Saint Social single),” notes Erwin, “…and this kid has come out of a rough spot, like a lot of us, but…tonight…this kid is back with a strut of confidence and pride.” Along with additional instrumentation from Erwin on electric guitar, bass, and synth, Dallas Etheridge is credited for adding his vigorous cadence on keys and piano. “Swagger” was recorded at Noise Home Recording in Nashville, TN.

Credits include mixing, production, and engineering by Hunter West (Little Image, The New Respects, and Mountains Like Wax), executive production by Quinn Erwin, and mastering by Joe Causey (Underoath, Switchfoot, The Dandy Warhols) at Voyager Mastering. All of these talented people collaborating created the amalgamation of this alt-rock track, making it every bit as slick and ferocious as its name suggests.

Saint Social, the Gulf Coast-based indie rock ensemble comprising longtime friends Quinn Erwin, Bryan Bourque, Justin Gollott, and its newest member, Ben Lowrimore, draws from a rich tapestry of influences reflective of their diverse backgrounds and shared musical journey. Despite residing across a four-hour radius from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the Florida panhandle and Birmingham, Alabama, the band’s dedication to their friendship and music remains unwavering. Erwin, Bourque, and Gollott have cultivated their musical bond for over two decades, initially collaborating in various formations since high school.

While Bourque and Gollott balanced nine-to-five careers and Biloxi-based band gigs, Erwin pursued a solo career in Nashville, achieving notable success with his band Afterlife Parade and garnering widespread recognition for his song placements in films and television (Netflix, Hulu, Super Bowl Commercials). Erwin’s relocation to Fort Walton Beach, FL, facilitated a reunion with Bourque and Gollott, ultimately leading to the formation of Saint Social. Lowrimore’s inclusion, following years of friendship and collaboration, further solidified the band’s lineup.

About Saint Social

Saint Social is the Gulf Coast-based indie rock band of longtime friends Quinn Erwin, Bryan Bourque, Justin Gollott, and newest member Ben Lowrimore. Pulling from influences far and wide as much as they have traveled far and wide to be together, Saint Social is the sum of their musical and cultural experiences.

“Yeah, we all live in different cities within a four-hour radius from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the Florida panhandle to Birmingham, Alabama,” shares lead singer Quinn Erwin, “and I think that the lengths we’ve gone to be a band shows how much our friendship and this music mean to us.”

Although they are closer in proximity today, it wasn’t long ago that each of the members of Saint Social lived even farther apart, and we’re on different life trajectories before coming together to form this band.

As far as friendship and being connected musically is concerned, Erwin and drummer Bryan Bourque have been playing in different formations for over two decades as far back as high school. Erwin, Bourque, and Bourque’s brother-in-law, guitarist Justin Gollott, having been playing together just shy of that.

While Bourque and Gollott were building careers in 9 to 5 jobs and playing in various bands together in Biloxi, MS where they all grew up, Erwin left a career in education there to pursue music full time in Nashville, TN as a solo artist and the front man of a band called Afterlife Parade. Erwin on his own accord, amassed a worthy resume of recording and touring and found commercial success in licensing with prominent placements in independent films all over the world and TV shows on MTV, Netflix, and Hulu including major commercial spots during Super Bowl LIII, and BMW’s 2020 Light It Up holiday campaign. Throughout his decade long stints of recording and touring, Erwin always found his way back home, however, and managed to play with Bourque and Gollott in some form or fashion.

When Erwin’s musical path led him to move out of Tennessee to Fort Walton Beach, FL, a place that was much closer to his old friends, Bourque and Gollott initially became the band for his solo project. Inevitably, the chemistry of their friendship and the synergy of their playing together overflowed into a new, unified sound. Lowrimore eventually came into the fold after years of friendship in the scene blossomed into the other three inviting him to add that low end growl as a full-time member of the band.

Giving nods to influences like The Killers, Kings of Leon, The Strokes, Colony House, U2, Coldplay, and Genesis with a dash of pop art, Southern food, the beach, and poetry, they blend their version of rock with an irresistible and alluring live show.

“I think what everyone is going to see (in Saint Social) is the years of us knowing each other like we do, honing in our craft, and bringing out the best in each other within this band,” continues Bourque, “doing our own things over the years as individuals has been good, but something really special happens when we’re together.”

“We like to think that our shows are an immersive experience where our band and the audience are taking our beautiful messy lives and collaborating together in that room…that moment becomes the ‘saint social,’” concludes Gollott.