1. Night Cruising San Pedro Collective 3:05

San Pedro Collective have released their new single titled ‘Night Cruising’ via Funky Si Records. Galactically funky and retro-esque-ly fun, ‘Night Cruising’ captures that moment when motion collides with emotion and makes you forget about that headache known as the real world.

With parts of club mixed with early eighties electronic, think Blondie reuniting with Fab Five Freddy and amping it up a notch with a funk rhythm and Bootsy Collins mixed up in a funky smelling mash of musical awesomesauce.

About San Pedro Collective

San Pedro Collective is a 7 piece melting pot of mostly Mancunian musicians with a revolving door policy. Formed in 2018 with ex Paris Angel Rikki Turner and ex Fall/Ian Brown drummer Simon Wolstencroft amongst others the band have slowly build a respectable following especially after their previous release ’Time’ on which Jasmine Needham took on lead vocals.

Actress Nathalie Haley joined the collective last year and her beautiful haunting voice can be heard alongside guitarist Justin Leonard on the new single ‘Night Cruising’ on Funky Si Records.

New material to be released in the Autumn also has a Film Noiresque feel with the recent addition of horns by ‘Slick Rick’ Burrows.