Hailing from Detroit, Santonio Echols is one of the first generation Techno producers to come out of his hometown in the 80s, however he’s kept his reputation alive with consistent top-notch projects which further established his name on the global electronic music map. His latest creation is another wonder by the name of ‘Soul Invasion’, available on Beatport as from the 31st of August, 2015.

Having a career spanning over 28 years, Santonio Echols has been associated with some top labels, including the likes of: Tresor, Detroit Dancer, London FFrr, KMS, Decks Tracks, Opilec Music, React Records, Serious Grooves, D Records, Soiree Records, Random Noise Recordings, M.I.D Records, Express Records, Siren, Chapter 2 Recordings and Jambalay Records amongst others.

Aside from putting himself in the spotlight for his work as part of the famous underground duo Reese & Santonio, Santonio Echols can also count on a long list of renowned artists with whom he’s had the pleasure to collaborate with, including: Nikolaos Moiré Patterns, Clemens Neufeld, Oliver Lieb, Combinator, Jonas Asp, Duane Evans, Orlando Voorn, MoBlack, Dj Deep, Greg Stafford, Claude Young, Blake Baxter, Eddie Fowlkes, Raquel Roberts, QuWonna Toney, Mike Anderson and Robert Doubledee Mills to name a few.

Santonio Echols’ newest tune ‘Soul Invasion’ is seeking to add more weight to his ever growing list of remarkable releases. Bursting with House-infused drum beats and exotic percussive patterns, ‘Soul Invasion’ offers a taste of Santonio’s unique take on Detroit-style House and Techno flavours. Looped, effects-filled vocals spice up the melodic side of this track, whilst supporting the mesmerising instrumental arrangements which truly build-up an uplifting vibe. A series of variations on the main theme are put on display throughout the production, showcasing Santonio Echols’ musical mastery and refined musical vision.

‘Soul Invasion’ is now part of Chapter 2 Recordings’ developing catalogue. Chapter 2 Recordings is already home to some other tracks boasting Santonio Echols’ signature, like: ‘Dela vs Dela’, ‘Elena’s Groove’, ‘Maria’s Love Track’, ‘F.D.M (Funky Dance Music)’, ‘Grace’ and ‘Holy Ghost / 3rd Demension / Twiology’. Santonio Echols is a key figure within the Chapter 2 family, amongst other important names like: None, Duane Evans and Mike Anderson. ‘Soul Invasion’ is certainly another quality contribution towards Chapter 2 Recordings’ musical capital and there is certainly many more yet to come in the months ahead.