1. Astray Sara De Sanctis 3:19
  2. Have I Been Dreaming Sara De Sanctis 3:53

Sara De Sanctis is set to release her new single titled ‘Astray’ on December 2nd. Hauntingly brilliant and musically defiant, the single, as well as it’s B-Side counterpart, show off not only Sara’s talents as a songwriter, but her penchant as a musician and her originality as an artist.

Having said that, you can deep dive into the music of Sara Se Sanctis and get lost in her mind. That full sound found in both tracks is the restraint meant for a journey that you can get lost in. That feeling that you have something that can fill your soul, if you let it.

It will be hard to find a favorite between these two. You can try. You can succeed. And you will, until the other sinks in and you flip. You find a different piece of yourself in either of these tracks. And that is the best part of the music.

About Sara De Sanctis

Sara started playing the piano at five years old and became passionate about songwriting and composition during her teenage years. “After graduating in classical piano, I realised playing other composers’ works wasn’t as exciting for me as performing my own music and singing.” Her interest in composition led her to the UK and the USA, where she also studied film scoring and conducting after influences such as Hans Zimmer and Ennio Morricone.

In 2021, she decided to pursue a career in songwriting and released her debut single ‘Serendipity’, featured on BBC and prized in Italy, followed by ‘‘15 Again’, also featured as one of the weekly Earworms on BBC and winner of the Press Prize at the Italian national music competition ‘Il Cantagiro, and ‘Fading’, later remixed by UK House music hero Richard Earnshaw and featured by radio stations all around the world.

Inspired by artists such as Björk, Thom Yorke, Diana Krall and Agnes Obel, Sara is now active as a pianist and singer/songwriter and is studying conducting in London.

Sara’s stunning new single ‘Astray’ is out on December 2nd.