Sean at the Hotel has today released their new video for the track titled ‘I Don’t Want To Listen’ from their upcoming album ‘Yes’ releasing this Friday (May 5th).

‘Pick it up and put it down’ lyrically gets stuck in your head (in a good way) with a memorable track with a myriad of images that poetically make sense while remaining obscure to the viewer. The song is the real star, however. It takes musical twists and turns with an emphasis on sheer originality and a beautifully crafted energy about it that shows the creativity of the artist when left to their own devices.

While ‘I Don’t Want To Listen’ is hard to pin stylistically, you can embrace the song as finding something that can truly be your own. And make your own.

About Sean at the Hotel & ‘I Don’t Want To Listen’

Off the back of two successful EP’s forged over lockdown, Liverpool artist Sean at the Hotel returns with his new single ‘I Don’t Want To Listen’ ahead of studio album I’m Standing in Front of You Saying “Yes!”

The story follows an old man on his deathbed. Next to him is the bedside table where his late wife used to keep the Telephone, which is now a Globe. Amidst the hallucinations, his belief is that all the countries he will never visit are now trying to phone him.

The song transcends this seamlessly via off kilter bars, and primary instrumental in the form of a home made circuit bent toy keyboard..

The result is a restless, weird energy caught within a surreal world of disorientation fused together with delightful sugar-esq catchy indie pop music.

Sean said:

“I’ve always been a bit of a daydreamer, and so the new album has a somewhat loose theme. All the songs cover the big topics of love, death, loneliness and pleasure, but either written as an imagined reality, or from the point of view of something non-human.”

The video also captures this ethic perfectly, welcoming the listener into the bizarre mindset, a bewildering travel expedition alongside the Telephone, and….a Globe.

I Don’t Want To Listen is the lead single from debut album I’m Standing in Front of You Saying “Yes!” out Friday 5th May.