Northern Irish singer-songwriter, Chase The River (CTR), combats the cruelty of life and coming out the other side with his new album, Recycle Your Regrets, which utilizes an honest and heartfelt song writing style that elevates the Belfast born and bred artist to the position of ultimate musical storyteller.

As the name of the album suggests, Chase The River has not had it easy, with a maelstrom of scarring events marking his life so far. After a string of heartbreaks, the death of his father, his mother being diagnosed with cancer and breaking his back whilst playing rugby, CTR has had to navigate the often cruel fate of life itself and find a path out of the chaos. Despite the grief, it is these experiences that have given the talented songwriter a wealth of material from which to form his introspective songs which are full of captivating melodies and lyrical prowess.

Interestingly, Recycle Your Regrets was written ‘on the fly’ in the studio with the other musicians not having listened to the material prior to the sessions. However, this was entirely deliberate, as CTR was aiming to achieve a raw and natural sound – not absolute perfection.

When it comes to his musical ethos, CTR believes that ‘Music is there to be consumed and enjoyed by everyone. There needs to be a story with it rather than just words that rhyme. If it can’t be played solely on an acoustic guitar by someone at their friend’s house, what’s the point?’

Having been described in the past as falling under the category of ‘neo-folk’, CTR relates to the likes of Leonard Cohen and Passenger, whilst he takes inspiration from other acts including Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Joe Purdy and The White Buffalo.

Chase The River has even performed at the Copenhagen songwriters festival, Sunflowerfest and the Pure M music awards show where he was nominated for ‘Best Irish Act’ and ‘Best EP’, and this has led to him also receiving airplay support from BBC Radio Ulster and RTE 2XM.