1. Do Therapists? She Is Jules 2:59

She Is Jules has today premiered her new single titled ‘Do Therapists?’, releasing tomorrow. While ‘Do Therapists?’ appears to be a showcase for Jules’ vocals, there is more within the music and between the notes.

She Is Jules has that welcoming sense about her in this song. Subtly guiding you through the lyrics while relating you to the words. Feeling humbled and astounded simultaneously, Jules shows that she is every bit as much a fan of music as any of us are. Crafted with love and recorded with humility, ‘Do Therapists?’ documents a moment we’ve all had to different degrees and conveys it as a life lesson learned. And does it through the originality of the music. Beautiful.

About ‘Do Therapists?’

Through thoughtful reflection, rising songstress She Is Jules, has created an infectious pop anthem for anyone struggling with mental health or any other chronic illness. Her upcoming February 17th single, “Do Therapists?,” is a witty, pop-forward track raising the question, “do therapists need therapy because of their patients?” Therapists carry a lot of trauma on their shoulders, and this captivating perspective focuses on that internalized fear as She Is Jules asks “…does my therapist need therapy because of me?” The incredibly powerful attributes of this perspective create a conversation that many may have been too vulnerable to bring up. She Is Jules has an incredibly kind and compassionate air to her, and “Do Therapists?” captures her essence intertwined with flowing, vibrantly honest storytelling.

“Do Therapists?” was co-written by Sam Bierman and Alexa Riesenberg. Bierman also doubled as the producer for this single, invigorating an already compelling song with masterfully crafted soundscapes. Jules has an incredible team when it comes to giving her visions and dreams a voice. She is inspired by artists like Taylor Swift, Julia Michaels, and Halsey; their raw, authentic storytelling and writing abilities inspire artists like Jules to share truly thought-provoking stories that listeners of any genre can relate to. She Is Jules is a knockout songwriter as a result of her straightforward, authentic approach to music which allows her to meet listeners as she is. She is dedicated to creating a space where listeners are able to enjoy her music and feel safe being their true empathic selves through every chapter life has to offer.

About She Is Jules

From acoustic pop to electronic dance music, She Is Jules does it all – yet her brut tone and etherial songwriting remains a voice that you won’t forget. Starting at the young age of 8, Julianna Pollifrone picked up a guitar and started her journey to becoming an artist. Her voice can be heard throughout songs all around the world; amassing over +113 million streams on Spotify alone. The singer is widely known for her vocals on the iconic cover of “Mad World” released by Timmy Trumpet and Gabry Ponte. She does all this while writing, singing, and vocal producing her own songs. The Bay Area raised musician continues to storytell through her songwriting in collaboration as well as her own originals she plans to release in 2023.