Shelf Lives has today released their new EP titled ‘You Okay?’. Just as much a solid announcement to an audio event as much as it is a physical or virtual EP, ‘You Okay?’ is a collection of solid singles which meld and mold into a singular favorite. The sound is signature and the beat is bright. Each track adds a little more adrenaline and lets you know, in it’s own way, that your next favorite artists is right f*cking here.

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About Shelf Lives & ‘You Okay?’

At the forefront, Shelf Lives’ Sabrina Di Giulio and Jonny Hillyard make energetic pop songs that bring the abrasiveness and physicality of punk back to a small, cramped house party setting. Due to their impressive energy and songwriting, Shelf Lives have won over scores of praise from the likes of NME, Dork, The Line Of Best Fit, Clash, and Jack Saunders of BBC Radio 1.

Described by the duo as “one big fun mental breakdown”, You Okay? perfectly encapsulates the chaos and unsettling nature of our present day society. Consisting of post-punk tracks where screeching guitars meet pulsating drum beats, the seven tracks offer a blistering commentary on the addicting, yet egregious nature of consumerism.

It’s music so rowdy you can practically feel the sweat on the ceiling and the sound of crushed cans under your feet, perfectly invoking the likes of Peaches, New Young Pony Club, and Le Tigre.