In perfect synch with the launch of his Rielism Recs imprint, May 2015 sees Sied van Riel compile, mix and drop the third of his marque’s mix-comp outings. Another innately mixed, intensely built, 30+-track portfolio, it again defines, with clarion precision, the sonic mind of the Dutch producer/DJ.

In and among its deeper byways and uplifting freeways you’ll find music from SvR contemporaries including Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, John O’Callaghan & Sean Tyas. Every bit as well represented is a wealth of nu-er production bloods, with material from Will Atkinson, Standerwick, Alex Di Stefano, Tangle, Matt Holliday and a host of others.

The third coming of ‘Rielism’ draws on music from some of the world’s best label stables, Black Hole Recordings, GO ON Air, Future Sound of Egypt, Enhanced, Subculture, Monster & Outburst among them. It also gives The Rielized their first foretaste of what’s in store from the Rielism label, with launch-point tracks from The Giant, Inner Stories and much from Sied’s own studio.

Released through Black Hole Recordings May 11th
Pre-order via iTunes here:

The prog thump of Melih Kor’s ‘Amazonas’ and trance-tropic melodics of ‘New Leaf’ from Matt Holliday (“best trance track of the year so far” opines DJ Mag this month!) gets Mix1 underway. From there Laura Aqui brings her uncompromising lyrics and vocal burn to Jeremy Vancaulart ‘The Space Between’, while on ‘Uprising’, The Giant supplies vibes more harmonic nature. More incoming Rielism Recs music is close at hand too, with ‘Couch Surfin’ from Leon Bolier’s Inner Stories upping the mix-gears. Hammered as an ID weapon by Armin from first ASOT700 to last, ‘Warpdrive’ from Sied & Radion 6 pours more fuel onto the fire.

Rielism Records’ maiden release – and indeed Sied’s first single with Giuseppe Ottaviani (entitled what-else-but!) ‘GoRiel’ elevates the trajectory again, while ‘The Dark Matters’ and the stunning operetta strains of Will Atkinson’s ‘Numb The Pain’ summit the first disc.

On bringing the third edition of ‘Rielism’ to fans, Sied said: “In life you learn and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over these past years as a professional DJ & producer, it’s to stick to what you love doing most. Stay Riel to the passion you share with thousands & thousands worldwide. That, after all, is what kick started my career in the first place. Hopefully, ‘Rielism 3’ will show everybody exactly why I have such a passion for this style of music and how it feeds me in life. SvR styled Trance with a capital T!”

The darker punch of Sean Tyas’ ‘9am’, Daniel Skyver’s remix of Sied & Standerwick’s ‘Perfect World’ and album-exclusive SvR tune ‘Inside My Mind’ catalyse the front end of the second mix. Interspersed between are Sied’s own remix-revisions of Julie Thompson’s ‘Loved’ and Flynn, Denton & Audrey Gallagher’s ‘Say My Name’. Productions from rapidly emerging trance names like Amir Hussain, Alex Di Stefano, A & Z & Matt Eray hold sway over the midsection. The finale though opens the big-hitter floodgates, with John O’Callaghan ‘Stay With Me’, ‘Shield’ from Solarstone and Giuseppe Ottaviani’s just-released ‘Lean On Me’ all amping the sonic pressure.

To paraphrase vocalist Becca White, in the closing moments of ‘Rielism 3’s first disc, “you can just feel… when something is… Riel.” And this is as real as Riel gets! The third in Sied’s mix-comp series mainlines May 11th.

Sied van Riel – Rielism 3 Tracklist:

Disc 1.
1.Melih Kor – Amazonas
02. Matt Holliday – New Leaf
03. Jeremy Vancaulart, Assaf featuring Laura Aqui – The Space Between
04. Suprano – Violet Dreams (Blackout Revamp)
05. The Giant – Uprising
06. MST & Pacific Nation – Earth Above The Sun
07. Milan van Skyler – Moonlight
08. Davey Asprey – Ascend
09. Inner Stories – Couch Surfin
10. Sied van Riel & Radion 6 – Warpdrive
11. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Sied van Riel – GoRiel
12. Project 8 – Skin Deep
13. Simon Bostock featuring Becca White – When We Collide
14. Sied van Riel – The Dark Matters
15. Will Atkinson – Numb The Pain

Disc 2.
1.Sean Tyas – 9am
03. Julie Thompson with Dragon & Jontron – Loved (Sied van Riel Remix)
04. Ikorus – Nine Lives
05. Sied van Riel – Inside My Mind
06. Matt Eray ­ Samurai
07. Sied van Riel & Standerwick – In A Perfect World (Daniel Skyver Remix)
08. Flynn and Denton and Audrey Gallagher – Say My Name (Sied van Riel Remix)
09. James Poulton ­ Anodyne (Amir Hussain Remix)
10. Alex Di Stefano – Escape From The Past (Fred Baker Remix)
11. A & Z vs Flynn & Denton – Scota
12. John O’Callaghan & Deirdre McLaughlin – Stay With Me
13. Tangle ­ Oblivion
14. Giuseppe Ottaviani featuring Jennifer Rene – Lean On Me
15. Solarstone ­ Shield (Pt. 1) (ReOrder & Standerwick present SkyPatrol Remix)
16. Adam Ellis ­ The Babadook